Daseplate launches 2021 with his first official label release

As we start to pick up steam over the course of January, we are slowly but surely starting to see different labels and artists around the country start to move the gears into motion, dusting off the cobwebs of the sleepy Christmas period to make-ready for a brand new year of exciting new releases. A label we are extremely fond of here at The 3000 Network is of course: Southpoint, the south coast’s premiere bass imprint, who look to boost off in 2021 with the same speed and intensity as the ended off last year, following on from the extremely well-received latest edition of their flagship series ‘Southpoint: Presents’.

Enter: Daseplate, one of the midland’s most talked about 140 producers, whose unique, swampy sound has gained him a solid following, despite the fact he is yet to release on any label other than his home imprint of Pondlife. That is, in no way shape or form, taking away from the achievements his solo imprint has been able to put together, churning out a stream of top-quality dubstep slaps. However, with 2021 seemingly inspired Daseplate to do something different, he has finally linked up with an outside imprint, the above-mentioned Southpoint, to put together an official remix for his debut single on the Introducing platform, following on from the relaunch of the STPT sister-label.

So, knowing how vast the now 5-year deep Southpoint catalogue now is, the track that Daseplate picked to rework isn’t one we would have expected, with Bushbaby & SaidWho’s ‘Plaistow’ being the track of choice, a futuristic crunch of synthetic carnage and intricate rhythmic pressure. Daseplate does what we does best and sends the tune into a swampy oblivion, alternating the original 2-step like approach into a choppy half-time experience, allowing those lethal synthesizers to run riot in a completely different setting, This is a wicked way for the two entities to form a long-awaited link up, making us even more excited for what we can expect from both across 2021.


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