Here at 3000 HQ, we make a real effort to stay up to date with as many different label projects and movements surrounding the UK bass scene as we possibly can. This of course sends us on some interesting sonic journeys, with everything from tech house to dubstep to breaks all falling into that encircling theme. Today however, we are going to be taking a bit of a closer look at a release from a label who have done a fantastic job in keeping their sound globally accepted through the use of genre variation and a general sense of constant creativity.

Labels like this are always exciting to explore, which is why we were so excited to take a look at the latest drop from the Dansu Discs team. Over the last year we have seen the fantastic Manchester-based imprint move around numerous sounds between breaks and UKG, always landing exciting and forward thinking releases into their already top notch catalogue. The consistency in creativity and forward thinking release design is something we appreciate very heavily here at The 3000 Network, with this new EP from MKII being a testament to the labels breaksy roots.

Now MKII is no stranger to this platform, having had a number of his previous, ethereally-doused drops featured in the past, but this is a whole new direction and somewhat of an awakening. The project begins with the nostalgic chord drips and high energy drum expressions of ‘Flashback’, which right from the jump lets us know the adventure we are in for. From here we jump into the euphoric vocal drives and crunchy drum breaks of ‘Rhythm Is Moving’, which is a party-starter and a half, perfect for big room rave environments and in particular, a feel good set closer.

The energy levels only increase from here as ‘Can U Feel It’ then unleashes a potent display of dizzying chord progressions and more intense drum work, before the thunderous bass designs and choppy percussive slices of ‘Return’ gives us another thumper for the dancefloor. We then take in a slight switch up on ‘Get Funky’, which from the jump offers up a more potent sense of percussive punch, once again doubled up with vibrant bass manouvres and a high energy rhythmic arrangement, before the moogy pulses of the Bailey Ibbs Remix give the project a smooth landing, rounding everything off in style.

The whole project is pretty jaw-dropping, the sounds of which you can check out via the link below, kindly supplied by our friends over at JunoDownload

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