It’s been a great year of releases for rising star Damzy, we chat to him and take a look

Despite the trials and tribulations of a tough year, a whole new wave of exciting, new UK Bass producers have emerged with a fresh sound and determined attitude to have their sound heard regardless of the lack of live shows and events.

One of the brightest stars to emerge in 2020 has been bass producer and DJ known as Damzy. Debuting on the scene early on with the @SUPERSIZEUK brand, Damzy has had a succession of releases since on some of the scenes biggest imprints including heavyweights, CruCast.

Since his emergence on the scene, Damzy’s popularity has snowballed with each release, he has mastered his own sound within the genre and each track, while unique, is distinctively Damzy. Due to the magnitude of Damzy’s production, it feels wrong that so many of his tracks haven’t had the chance to be played to a live crowd.
Damzy’s latest release marks his debut here on our very own 3000 Bass; once again honing his signature big-room sound for a bass showcase entitled, ‘Lost’, we got to catch up with Damzy on what has been an incredible 2020 for the emerging artist and a look forward to what’s next for this future star.

Damzy on the decks
Damzy on the decks

Q: Welcome Damzy to the 3000 family! Obviously, you have your first release with us and we will talk about that shortly, but I want to start by talking about what an incredible debut year you’ve had, looking back how pleased are you with what you’ve achieved to date?

A: Very pleased with how the year has gone! It’s been a tough one for everyone with COVID, so it’s good to look back at the year and try and take as many positives as possible from it.

Q: You seemed to burst onto the scene with your releases and big sound, what’s your background in regard to music and production?

A: Prior to this, I can’t really say I’ve got any background in music at all. I’ve always been massively into music from a listening perspective, but never studied it at school or college. It was only when I got to Uni when I bought my first decks and really started to take a real interest in how music was made and wanting to make some myself. So I’m still quite new to it all in that respect, being just under 2 years when I first started producing.


Q: As an upcoming producer what are some tips and pointers you could give to others who were at the same stage as you at the start of the year?

A: Biggest thing in my opinion is just to keep persistently doing it. Keep making tracks and getting feedback from the right kind of people, friends as well as other producers. Referencing other producers tracks always seems to help me a lot as well. Breaking down what they’re putting into their tracks and implementing it into my own.

Q: As you’ve emerged into the scene and been picked up on the radar of other artists, what has it been like interacting with other producers and DJs within the scene?

A: It’s been really enjoyable for sure. The bass scene is really positive in my opinion, everyone really supports one another not just with the music but on a personal level as well. I’ve met some very good mates through music, as well as being involved in some really fun collabs and events.

Q: Featuring on CruCast’s Shake The Bass compilation stands out as a key moment in the year, the track is just shy of 70,000 streams as we’re speaking – did you ever expect to be seeing these sorts of numbers this early in your career?

A: Not at all, it’s all very surreal still, but I’m very thankful. I did set a CruCast release as one of my goals for 2020, but was very optimistic at the start of the year. I think having that as a goal did really help, because it gave me something to work towards.

Q: Your debut on our very own 3000 Bass drops 18th December, talk to me a bit about the track, how did it come about and why did you feel it would be right for the label?

A: The track was made in mid lockdown. I was listening to a lot of bits from Burial at the time, I like his euphoric kind of style with elements of real life sounds in his tracks as well. So that definitely inspired the track’s overall feel. Another one of my goals for the year was to release with 3000 Bass, I had always liked how they run their Soundcloud, it’s very clean and professional.

Q: You have established a very distinctive sound, yet every release still feels fresh and new; how do you decide what elements to change between productions and how to prevent a sound or idea becoming stale?

A: I’d say I’m still somewhat searching for a signature sound that I’m happy with and sticks, so a lot of the time I’ll try and do something different with sound design then what I did to the previous track as well as implementing elements from music I’ve been listening to around that time.

Q: Moving forward into 2021 what are some of your goals for the coming year?

A: Looking forward to 2021, I’d like to try out some new genres, try and work with some vocalists and other musicians. More releases and more collabs, as well as hopefully getting to play some events along the way too.

Q: It’s been a pleasure to catch up with you and congratulations on a huge year and your latest single! Have you got anything you’d like to plug or shoutout?

A: Thank you! Much appreciated. Big love to everyone who’s supported me and helped me along the way so far! Thank you to The 3000 Network for having me.


Damzy’s next release will be a collaboration with Altered Focus, out 15th January on 3000 Bass. Check out a preview below:


‘Damzy – Lost’ [out now] click here to stream/download