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Damian-G – Nasty

Posted 3/7/19 in

As we move into summer, we need to make sure that The 3000 Network is supplying you wonderful people with the latest and greatest in bass music, including everything from the more house inspired arrangements that can be found on 3000 Deep, all the way to the big room EDM style tear-out bangers you can find here on the 3000 Bass channel.

We therefore today introduce Damian G with his brand new single ‘Nasty’, an original composition bristling with intense synth design and dance-floor pressure. We are tuned in to electrifying bass leads, shattering all in their path, backed up by some tasty drum designs and a supercool, percussion-heavy introductory section, perfect for sending the ravers to cloud 9!

Stream/download this track exclusively from The 3000 Network.

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