The garage scene as a whole has been a very exciting thing to witness from both a fans perspective and also through the eyes of a journalist as well, with the pure energy we are seeing expanding across the board becoming more and more momentous with every passing month. The overall feel within garage at the moment is one of “go go go”, with an emphatic run of top quality releases across the board from so many different exciting label projects and solo imprints at the same time. That energy has transfered itself up to the city of Leicester as the Wang Records crew continue their fantastic run.

As far as Wang Records go historically, they have been a fabulous addition to the already well-established garage scene, with their combination of live events and explosive releases being a combination of consistent and creative. It’s always a pleasure to see labels such as wang exploring the future of the UKG sound, with their roster featuring top quality artists from around the country, across both Wang Records and their mother-imprint of Beastwang. For this latest addition to the catalogue they have made a quick trip across the county to Bristol, welcoming the wonderful sounds of Daffy, who arrives with two brand new corkers for the summer season.

We open up with a dive into Daffy’s more hardcore-driven influences as the bulbous bassy belches of ‘Bump’ are the first pieces to touch down on the EP, diving between moogy electronic drum slides and a minimal sense of melody, giving us a moody, sub-driven roller to really kick start the day in style. Following on from this we are then introduced to a jiggling combination of sweeping, subtle reesey textures and colourful vocal overlays on ‘Touch’, which gives us another weighty roller for the dances to enjoy. Both of these are going to cause some serious damage in any garage set!

You can check out the full EP via our friends below over at JunoDownload:

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