It’s always fun seeing names return from hiatus’s from releasing music, especially when the result of said break is seeing them unleash an absolute dancefloor scorcher. Our journey’s around the outside of garage and grime music, we have always tried to stay following people we have previously supported, with today following that theme quite nicely as we take a look at the latest drop from the man they call Daffy. With a rich tapestry of sonic history already stored in the locker, it’s about time we heard some new flavour from Daffy, who has continued to impress over the last few years in-particular.

This latest drop sees him link up with the wicked Sub Merchants imprint, a label who have been a very interesting platform to watch in recent times, focussing primarily in and around the 140 sound but keeping things experimental as they go. This is the first thing we found so enjoyable about this release, as Daffy also has a solid history in and around the 140 sound, so seeing the Bristolian veteran getting involved was always going to be an exciting prospect.

The track itself takes the title ‘Ruffneck Sound’, and works wonders with a collection of old school influences. The track begins with a smooth combination of nostalgic organ chords and choppy drum textures, leading to a much more stripped back single chord pre-drop. Once the drop hits however, we are thrown into a box of throwback flavour, with harsher, more metallic sounding chord licks doubling up with effected vocal samples and moogy bass textures, to give us a tune that we can see causing some serious damage on a system. This is a link up that as a producer / label combo works wonders, and we can’t wait to hear it inside a live dance environment.

You can check out the full track via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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