Since their inception as a label entity and movement, we have absolutely loved watching the spread of energy coming out of the Steppers Club camp. Having spoken to them closely numerous times in radio interview and pocast format, I’ve always had a lot of time for what the label does and how it operates, representing the new school element of garage music down to a T with refreshing release techniques and a slick art style, always catching the eye of potential listeners and allowing their artists to maximise their potential. They are back in business once again with yet another spicy 2-tracker, this time welcoming the futuristic sounds of Daffy inside.

There’s no doubting that Daffy has had a fantastic year when it comes to releases and advancing his notoriety, pulling together numerous drops on Time Is Now for starters. These releases have allowed him to explore his more gritty production influences, fusing rough cut breaks and high energy 2-step rhythms, culminating in very some unique creations that have rocketed up the online charts. This latest project has been built and organised into a slightly more nostalgia-inducing format, diving into the fluid features of niche bassline and 4×4 garage with some seriously cool results.

Our introduction to the project is a real explosion of garage flavour as ‘Want More‘ immediately lets loose a vibrant combination of 4×4 drum licks and sizzling square wave-driven synthesziers, conjuring up images of lighters rising in the dance and glowsticks shimmering, being packed full of old school energy and vocal flare. On the flip to this as well we get to explore ‘Find The Way’, which takes a slightly less intense drum structure but loses none of the potency and a more 2-step inspired percussive skip is deployed below metalic LFO sweeps and choppy vocal slices, giving us a vibrant B-side to enjoy in contrast.

You can check out both of these tracks via our good friends over at JunoDownload using the link below: