Cutted Files delivers an interesting three track solo release

Now there are many enjoyable parts of writing for The 3000 Network. One of course is the pure spectrum of sounds we get to take a peek at slightly early, another of course would be the vast array of artists we are able to work alongside. For me however, the most joyous activity we are able to engage in is the supporting and showcasing of brand new artists and aliases, which is exactly what we are here to do once again for you all today.

Introducing the sounds of cutted files: a moderately undercover producer, whose music happened to land in our inbox with a thunderous reception. Having taken a little scoot around his various social media and artist pages, we came to the conclusion that this is a journey still in it’s beginning stages, with this inventive three track project looking like the first full body of work we have seen.

cutted files

Let’s get right down to business then as the EP makes a grand introduction with ‘She‘, a stunning synth-wave-driven soundscape of glittering atmospheric detail and gorgeous harmonic designs, leading into a twisted combination of pitched vocal sampling and grizzly bass notation, landing us somewhere brand new right from the off. From here, we move into ‘Palm‘, another masterful display in vocal slicing, layering soulful samples down over a bed of groovy organ riffs and punchy drum kits to really impact a dance.

Finally, we take in the sounds of ‘Slow Down‘, another beautifully constructed box of harmonic ingenuity, cascading over a smoothened, more lofi inspired breakdown. This is then followed by crunchy shaker lines and introspective piano riffs to really tap into the emotional side of dance music production.

Overall, I can safely say that this is an EP designed to challenge a lot of the more normalised sounds we hear across different areas of house music worldwide, opting instead for an interesting selection of fused attributes and colourful soundscapes to really hit that idea of individualism home. We most certainly enjoyed it and would recommend that despite it’s short length as a project, that you do take this one in via a long play format, just to truly enjoy the full breadth of sounds being delivered throughout.

We have attached the EP below for you to enjoy!

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