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Cubswatch – August

Posted 30/8/19 in

A note from KXVU:

Due to the massive amount of content I receive through 3000 submissions, JunoDownload reviews, Southpoint networking and Trickstar Radio playlisting, I find myself witha massive stack of new music every month, often with some hidden gems. All too often I find these tracks going under the radar as I have nowhere to discuss them. 

Enter: Cubswatch, a new regular series here on 3000 that I shall be using to explore my favourite releases from both established producers and future stars, with no real genre bounds inside of dance music. These articles will be dropping once a month, hopefully introducing you all to some fantastic newer faces and reminding you of the veterans who may have slipped your mind. 

I will also be employing a scoring system out of ten, which I will be formatting based on impact, production skill, originality, rhythmic flare and its wind factor, basically meaning whether it makes me want to move or not. 

Let’s kick off with a look at August’s top seven

Kingdom – High Enough (feat. Tiara Thomas)

As what I would describe as the strongest track from Kingdom’s brand new ‘Exterra’ project, this new piece of genius entitled ‘High Enough’ is the perfect soulful funky hybrid. It’s easy to overwork a vocal I find, especially over rhythmic patterns as lively as your typical UK Funky track, but this one has the perfect amount of spice mixed together with the airy pad textures in background. Absolutely love it!



TC4 – O Bongo

As ever when witnessing a new TC4 track, we were thrown straight into the mixing pot with this one, as we were greeted by a wash of different world music elements, smashing together to form the magnificent grooves of ‘O Bongo’, a track which has catapulted TC4’s names even further forward than beforehand!


Bushbaby – Secret

For me, this one is the perfect way to blend the old with the new, as we witness Bushbaby touch down for his long awaited Night Bass debut. Now despite this track no being the lead, for me it is the highlight of the EP, as he fuses old school rave chords with sizzling sub bass tones to forge one of my favourite 4×4 tracks this year.


SP:MC – Vintage

Being primarily known for his dubstep accolades, it was a bit of shock to see SP:MC switch up the style so much with this latest UKG inspired heater, but boy does it work. He combines his more typical metallic sound design to a more skippy set of drum rhythms and colourful timbres to pull some magic out of the bag!


Earthnut – Lily’s Answerphone

Its no secret that I am an absolutely massive Earthnut fan. They for me represent true originality within UKG and continue to impress with every release they find themselves involved in, with this latest track on Four40 being the cherry on the cake. Again, packed with originality and interesting rhythmic switches, ‘Lily’s Answerphone’ is the latest in the long line of bangers from this super exciting duo!


 Idris Elba – On Life

For me it’s somewhat of a madness that this hasn’t received a lot more attention than it has, as Idris again touches down on vocal steeze. Following on from his appearance on Boasty and Yardie, the celebrated actor and performer switches the script up entirely, this time displaying euphoric vocal leads over smooth deep house bombshell.


Logan OLM & Burke – Don Gorgon

It’s very a top notch month for Logan, having dropped ‘Ready Fi Di War’ towards the end of the month, which was a top notch carnival ready roller, he then chases it up with a rapid fire follow up alongside Burke. This track goes by the name of ‘Don Gorgon’ and is a certified dubstep shellers, seeing Logan dip into more whispered, haunting vocal patterns, yet still delivering a serious punch!


Check back next month for the following edition of Cubswatch! 

Words: KXVU

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