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CUBCHAT004 – Squarewave [+ Exclusive Shandy & Sukh Knight Premiere]

Posted 19/2/20 in

On the whole, 2019 was clearly a very important year for dubstep as a genre, with it seeing a pretty massive revival movement in the public eye. We have gone from a pretty scarce selection of producers and DJ’s being seen to push the sound to it becoming the dominant sound operating at 140BPM once again, so much so that we have started to hear the surrounding genres start to sound more and more steppers. 

What caused this revival? For us there is a clear link to the consistency shown by certain labels and producers around the globe, who have stuck to their guns with dubstep and in doing so have built of substantially powerful catalogues. One of the labels we are discussing in particular, is today’s guest to CubWatch: New World Audio, and their founder: DJ Squarewave.

He’s been In the game for a minute now, so for us to see him rise to the top of the pile alongside the close group of producers who work around him and the label (Sukh Knight, Shandy etc) is very exciting to see. 

We have therefore prepared a full label showcase for you all to enjoy, with the first of today’s goodies being an official premiere of Sukh Knight and Shandy’s latest collaboration ‘Certified’, a storming 140 original which we have attached for you below via the official 3000 Blog SoundCloud,following its official New World Audio release:

First question, it’s a biggie, how was 2019 for you guys?

It was great, had some solid releases on the label that are selling really well and had an opportunity to give a platform to up and coming artists from all over the globe. Artists such as Zerg who’s got another ep coming out on the label soon, the In Russia EP features Ghostek, Head Space and Kercha all from Russia and making wicked music. And Uselink from Poland made his debut with a wicked release. 

I also teamed up with Subtle FM and we threw a series of wicked parties down at the brilliant Five Miles club in London. I was really proud of the lineups we managed to put together, again showcasing a good mixture of old and new. Had dons like SP:MC, Bengal Sound, Hebbe, Ago, Mr. K, LX One, Cimm, Sukh Knight, Footsie, Mystic State, Trends and Boylan, P Money, Cluekid, Opus and loads more.

I also managed to fit in two USA tours and an India tour which I both really enjoyed. Big up Submission, American Grime, Tsunami Bass,Bassline Business, Bay Sine, Seattle Sub Sessions and Krunk Live. 

How many people are involved in the label now?

I manage it myself but I’m lucky to have Sukh Knight and Shandy helping out who have been there since the start. 

Do you feel the label moved in a positive direction?

Absolutely, this is has been reflected in the big vibes parties we threw and increased sales from our Bandcamp page. And I’ve also started getting more demos sent now from worldwide artists.

What was the stand out release?

The In Russia release was my favourite. All 3 tracks got supported nicely by a variety of DJs and they go off in the dance every time. 

As a label you have been one of the standout imprints promoting and releasing classic dubstep releases during it’s more commercial down-time. How exciting is it to see the mass popularity returning? 

It’s very exciting as there’s so many new artists making interesting 140 music and the sound is spreading to newer places in the world who are really embracing it. On a side note this is going hand in hand with the rise of new sound systems in the UK which I think is a great thing, for example Sinai Sound System and Firmly Rooted.

Moving forward into 2020, what do we have on the horizon? 

Well 2021 will be 10 years since the first release so I got some parties planned around the UK and Europe, may even start them early this year! And we’re gonna put out a compilation LP called The Collabs which will have new tracks from previously featured artists on the label and all different combinations of collaborations. Very exciting! 

Talk me through this new Sukh Knight & Shandy release specifically, how did it come together?

Sukh and Shandy are always sending ideas and loops back and forth to each other, some get completed quickly while some just sit there for a while until someone comes back to it. Both tracks on this release started off as just little loop ideas which shandy sent over to sukh, who then added his touches and done basic arrangements, and then from there the project files were sent back and forth a couple times, each making changes until they were happy that the tracks were complete!

With one of the tracks taking a much more unusual direction BPM-wise, can you see yourself moving further afield with the sounds you are releasing?

Yeah for sure, music is about vibe and feeling so we’re not really restricted by tempo. We’ve previously released 2 EP’s of hip hop orientated beats (check out the New World Chronicles series)  and also some jungle / dnb from myself so that will likely happen again. 

Any other shouts?

Shouts to Nuphlo, Leebrah, Beneath the Surface gang Leeds, Wabi-Sabi boys Nottingham, Sound Culture Arcata, Mentha and Sub-Altern Records, Sprout Collective. Big up everyone who’s supported the label in anyway

You can check out the Squarewave and Sukh Knight 3000 Exclusive mix below, alongside last week’s NWA premiere:

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Words: KXVU

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