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CruCast unveil new talent with a hard hitting Xeonz EP

Posted 19/4/19 in

Within the UK bass scene, we sit an a pivotal point between saturation and expansion, as we start to see some of our biggest homegrown starts hit mega stats on the world scale. Perfect examples of this are acts such as Skepsis and Holy Goof heading around America on tour with Jauz, Bushbaby and Taiki Nulight heading up their own tours around Australia and a tonne of other UK artists making major headway around the European festival circuit.

It is therefore down to labels such as CruCast to keep the scene at home as vibrant and forward thinking as possible, fighting off the potential shackles of overexpansion. One of the best ways to do this without a shadow of a doubt is to give the newer artists that are emerging onto the scene a platform, from which they are able to showcase their new, vibrant ideas. This how you keep a genre alive and well.

The latest offering from CruCast is a perfect example of what we are talking about, as they invite in Xeonz for a full EP, following on from his celebrated appearance on the recent New Blood EP, which came as a showcase of the newest artists to be introduced to the label.

The EP project itself is an absolute monster, especially in regards to its forward thinking look on bassline’s timbre, with some really refreshing sounds. The title track with Dread MC goes by the name of ‘Control The Hype’ and is a perfect balance of leading vocal to well structured introduction. This is then followed up by the scorching synthesisers of ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Yuma Sei’. Finally ‘Quicksilver’s unique blend of vocal slices and explosive bass sounds rounds off the project in style.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Xeonz, who when asked about working on his first full EP for CruCast he replie with ‘It’s amazing to have my debut EP on a label such as CruCast, ever since I started producing bass music I’ve seen CruCast as the best of the best so it feels incredible to have a full EP with my own solo productions on the label.’

We then asked about his opinions on UK Bass music’s current state, to a reply of ‘I’m enjoying how many different styles of bassline and bass music there is at the moment, from the weird basses Zero has in his locker, to the huge synth sounds Cajama somehow generates with that mad brain of his, everything it’s feeling very unique at this time.’

When asked about the future to round up, Xeonz summarised with ‘I‘ve been producing many different genres such as neuro and dance floor drum and bass, I’ve got plans to release them but nothing is set in stone!’.  

You can check out the full EP below:

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Words: KXVU

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