Continuing their theme of explosive releases, that have graced us nearly every week for the last three months, the CruCast team have shown us a state of absolute rampage. Their release schedule has been impressive to the point of which we haven’t ever seen within UK Bassline before, with both the sheer mass of both new artists entering into the roster ranks and also new music actually hitting the shelves. It’s a truly impressive feat and we have taken great pleasure in following their actions closely over this recent run, with this new release representing a lot of where the label is seemingly headed.

In their time, CruCast has become a haven for bass producers around the world, from the exciting newcomers to already established veterans all getting involved to deliver a fabulous back catalogue of bassy creations. This latest drop is a testament to their new school commitment, inviting a tonne of artists into the fold to display their talents, across the sixth edition of their ‘Shake The Bass’ series. As a compilation collection, ‘Shake The Bass’ has played host to some of the now biggest names across the bass music genre, with this latest issue welcoming a few familiar faces,  but primarily a very exciting host of exceptional new school talent.

The thing that strikes us about both the track-listing and general themes of this project more than anything else, is an overarching sense of modernisation within the bass music sound, focussing on up to date synthesizer designs and intricate drum production to really push the genre into a fresh new direction, with CruCast being one of those remaining beacons of creativity. The roster itself features a whopping 26 artists across a powerful 20 track selection, the full track-listing of which we have dropped down below for you to peruse.

Jacko – “Protect Me”
S-70 & 1997 – “Rampage”
Jord – “No Time”
Samstone – “Giant Killer”
Birch – “You & I”
Biohzrd – “Manaman”
Little Tools – “You Know”
Aleya Mae & Whiterose – “For Us”
Pyrate – “Bandits”
Spacexzol. – “Where Need”
JOXION – “Vibe Check”
DubbleT – “Stay”
Aikers – “Psycho”
Kipps – “Only For A Night”
A.2.Z – “So High”
Siimi & MOONE – “Ultraviolet
Huzki – “Ares 2
Albzzy & COFFIN – “Top Dog”
F.D.C & Xformative – “Mine Field”
Bundarr – “Crave”

The full collection is very impressive to take in, which you can do so via the embedded link below: