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CruCast touchdown with another explosive compilation, exclusive interviews inside!

Posted 29/7/19 in

So as we kick off the week in a haze of dizzying sunshine and frightening levels of heat, we are back to take a look at the project which has been kicking up somewhat of a storm. Within Bassline their are certain platforms and outlets which have set up shop at the top of the food chain, constantly supplying the scene with heavyweight releases and new talent. One of those labels is CruCast.

As a project, we first saw a monumental rise to popularity, immediately pulling together some of the scenes most potent and hard working producers and DJ’s with the likes of Skepsis, Darkzy, Bru-C and more all joining the team in the early days.

We have seen the CruCast brand tour the country and world over the last few years, along with putting together a number of the bass scene’s most iconic releases, a feat which in such a saturated marketplace really can’t be overlooked. We are here today therefore to take a look at their latest compilation project which dropped on Friday, showcasing the best of both newcomers and established veterans as ‘Shake The Bass’ returns for its third official volume. 

The line up is a fantastic blend of old and new, with stand out names including the likes of Tengu, HODA, Vital Techniques, JGE, MPH, Usual Suspect and more all getting involved, putting together some truly phenomenal compositions from start to finish. It’s not just straight Bassline either, as we see the genre list expand into different niches and genre ranges throughout, making this one of the most exciting selections this year. 

We caught up with a few of the CruCast team to talk about the release, including founder Lazcru, who when asked what the overall theme of the release was, replied with “Shake The Bass 1 as an album was created to showcase the best sounds in UK Bass music over the summer season, We receive so much great music from up and coming artists as well as more established artists and we don’t have enough space to release it all, so the summer album is a great way to box this all up into something really special. Shake The Bass 2 was received really well as got to break through some amazing new talent, a lot of these have now broke though to have full single and EP releases along with bookings at our events, so its great to see the platform working. Shake The Bass 3 features a mix of established artist and brand new talent, we have been working on the project for around 6 months, so hope you guys like it!”

We then asked SILK “How does it feel to be part of such a heavyweight compilation alongside such established names?” He said “ I remember purchasing STB 2 last year and how much each of the tracks inspired me to pursue UK Bass, so it feels very rewarding to be part of it this years compilation.”

We then asked Cajama If he was enjoying the rapidly expanding alliance between Bass and D&B, to which he responded the following:

“Definitely. Bringing Drum and Bass into the Bass scene and vice versa is so refreshing, it can really change the diversity of lineups. Instead of being the same BPM all night, the collaboration between Bass and D&B can really help bring new sounds, artists and new opportunities to people who may not be heavily invested into D&B. I’ve personally tried mixing in D&B to my sets to help give that extra push and combine the genres into the scene. With Heavy hitters such as Kanine, Tsuki, Subsonic and loads more are definitely shining just as much in the bass scene, so it seems to be a two way thing! It’s something I’m definitely looking forward to in the future.”

Finally we caught up with a serious UK Bass household name in Kilner, who when asked “For a veteran like yourself, it must be nice to see the scene so healthy with compilations like this?” responded with: Yeah it’s really good to see, there’s so much talent flying around at the minute and to have compilations such as these are a brilliant way of showcasing it. These compilations give listeners an opportunity to hear tracks from artist they may not have heard of before which all in all is a positive for both the listeners and the artists themselves.”

You can check out the full compilation below: 

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Words: KXVU


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