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CruCast crack on with legendary 3-man link up

Posted 1/6/20 in

We are all aware of CruCast at this point within UK bass music. As an imprint, they really have cemented their place in the history books as one of, if not the most influential 4×4 imrpint currently operating from within the UK. Their roster is mesmeric in it’s proportions and their catalogue contains some of the most beloved and spoken about new school bassline releases out there. Their roster isn’t just made up of these newer faces however, with their latest project bringing together a selection of OG’s for a long awaited mega collaboration EP.

Today’s expedition into bass music sees us take in the legendary link up of DJQ, Jamie Duggan & Booda, three genuine veterans of 4×4 music in the UK. We’ve seen all of them link up in different patterns and combinations before, but we have never seen this super trio put together a full length project, and boy does it hit home!

We begin our journey with a head first nose dive into ‘Sirens’ the EP’s title track and a piece of lethal rave dynamite, combining all three of the producer’s skill sets for an ultimate rave-ready shackout, built from sizzling lead synth patterns and sharp, well rounded drum creations. From here, we then take a skip forward into the epic, almost biblical introductory harmonies of ‘Chimes’, which then cascade to a more “Niche” inspired approach, allowing rapid drum slaps to drive the track forward between to wibbling bass instruments.

From here, we then skip forward a beat into ‘Melody’, the third original that sits perfectly between the two previous creations, allowing hard hitting synth leads to the run the show amid a more minimal drum arrangement, giving the dance an extra dosage of dizzying flavour. As well as this, ‘Melody’ comes complete with a very groovy Speed Garage mix, adding a fantastic final twist to what is already a very powerful body of work!

To see these three historic yet extremely relevant names combine to this magnitude is a magnificent thing for bass music and a testament to CruCast’s consistency and ambition as a label.  We have attached the full release below for your enjoyment!:

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Words: KXVU

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