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CruCast continue their run of winning form with a brand new Champion single [Exclusive Q/A]

Posted 14/3/19 in

It’s been a super exciting time for the CruCast team, with last week’s release of ‘VIP’ hitting the stores and causing pandemonioum across the UK bass music community. With such a high quality roster however, was anyone expecting anything else? It’s been a continious theme with the CruCast imprint to push out high quality music from the best of the best in our scene, which is seemingly why their next drop sits so perfectly amongst the rest of their catalogue.

Following on from the wicked VIP mix of ‘Living Dead’, which was original was released in October of 2018, we are thrilled to see the return of bass and funky veteran: Champion, who cooks up an absolute storm upon his solo return to the label. Over the years, Champion has gained quite the reputation for original creation, pitching his sound perfectly betwixt the UK funky and bassline brackets, smashing together hip swinging rhythms and gliding, colourful bass notation at every turn.

This new track, which goes by the name of ‘Keep Jumpin’, takes on a distinctly darker theme and style than previous Champion releases, filling the void with gnarly, sharpened bass designs with crunchy drum creations slicing through the mix above. This is definitely an original that has been built for the dance, with features capable of converting any bass rave into a menagerie in a matter of moments.

With the release being due to hit the shelves tomorrow (15/03/19), we were lucky enough to grab a bit of a Q&A with the man himself, looking closely at the track itself and what Champion has in store next. You can check out the full back and forth below:


First of all how have you been?

I’ve been good thanks, just really having the creative bug at the moment! Really enjoying making music right now

How long has it been since your most recent release and what was it?

Like a week ago actually, had the ‘Living Dead VIP’ come out on Crucast’s VIP EP. My last proper solo release funnily enough was ‘Living Dead’ last October.

How do you find working with CruCast?

There a sick label man, doing bits in the Bassline scene on a whole, everyone on their roster is cool & i’m happy to be contributing to Bassline with them when I do.

This latest track is on a bit more of a darker vibe than usual, was this intentional?

Cant say it was, i usually make tunes with a variety of different feels, this just happens to be what people are hearing next. Although i did make ‘Keep Jumpin’ with my recent booking at Tank in mind.

What have been some of your favourite shows to perform at this year?

My show in Arnhem, Netherlands last January gone is definitely up there. UK sounds are quite a new thing for that city so I made sure i played across the genres & the vibe was electric! Other than that, has to be Butterz at E1 the other day, the vibe was a lot that night.

What do we have in the pipeline for Summer?

Going to definitely explore & show more sides of my production! I’ve got UKG, Funky, Grime & more Bassline to run this year, couple interesting collabs but also some experimental R&B, Neo Soul, Hip Hop & Techno! Should be fun to have that all out.

Any cheeky release information for the future we can grab off you? 

Weekend ft. Prima coming out next i believe!

Any other shouts?

Just a general shout to everyone thats supported me & my music in any way so far! I’m 9 years into production professionally & everyones made my journey up to now such a good one. Oh and Keep Jumpin Ya Bastards lol

You can check out the full release on Pre-order with JunoDownload below: 

Full Pre-order link

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Words: KXVU

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