For a lot of labels, 2021 proved to be a very difficult year when it comes to organizing both growth and general musical expansion, with the difficulties surrounding live events causing a major issue for both release promotion and artist’s careers. However, one label that has been able to continuously top quality flavours across numerous different genres was of course the south coasts own: Southpoint. With a real focus on catalogue remaining their primary focus as a musical imprint, they were able to put together a staggering 99+ track releases in 2021, gaining fantastic DJ support and major breakthroughs on the different streaming platforms and DSPs.

The thing about the Southpoint catalogue that allows them to be able to do this, is both the vast number of artists they have shared close relationships with and of course the serious breadth of genre-styles they have been able to release into, giving their catalogue a very widened feel of fusion. One of the brightest artist duos to rise out of this 2021 run was of course Cortese, who have almost rewritten the rulebook on genre fusion. Their EP last year came into some fantastic support, making them the perfect pair to kickstar Southpoint’s 2022 campaign.

Their brand new single ‘Intersection’ is the perfect summary of breaks and UKG fusion, with a display of genuine sonic mastery being hoisted up for all to see. The sound design and complex take of rhythmic arrangement on this one is what gives it flare and a sense of uniqueness, topped up by glittering melodic textures and colourful harmonic arrangement. With the flagship drop of ‘Southpoint Presents’ around the corner, this is a wicked way for the Southpoint team to launc the campaign.

You can check out the full single via the link below, courtesy of our good friends over at JunoDownload

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