We are quickly running out of superlatives to describe the outstanding consistency and creativity that we have seen expanding within the CruCast discography over the last six months. It’s actually been surprisingly difficult to keep completely up to date with the sheer mass of new releases the team have been putting together, incredibly enough, without dipping in the quality once. They have been able to explore deeper both into their already established roster of recognised artists, whilst also giving a platform to newer performers at the same time, with a release week stretching back to near the start of the year.

This impeccable run of bassline-based dominance has seen their brand continue to grow and expand to cover more of both the UK and international dance music markets, with their headline performers such as Skepsis, Darkzy, Cajama and more all smashing out regular shows and festival stages around the world. This run of releases has also, as we mentioned above, allowed a number of what we feel are the more underrated artists dotted around the CruCast roster space to expand and establish themselves even further, with today’s release featuring an artist we feel falls quite directly into that bracket. Namely: Cooky.

Cooky - Feeling / Wanting You
Cooky – Feeling / Wanting You

Based up in Leeds, Cooky has been on a similarly consistent run over the last few years, helping to push the UK bass scene forward with a seemingly endless run of explosive original creations, working closely with CruCast throughout to expand his catalogue and allow his approach to seep into the far corners of the UK club scene. This drop is made up of two very vibrant singles, with ‘Feeling’ being the first to land, delivering a smack of luminous synthetic power, sliding between heavily side-chained drum lines and distant, euphoric vocal lines for good measure. This is one that is going to light up dances around the country for sure.

On the flip to this we have another system-ready sizzler, as the more bubbly LFO wobbles of ‘Wanting You’ again deploys a tasty display of vocal processing and intense melodic sweeps, with that lead bass sound giving us an additional dash of charm across the low and mid-range of the mix-down. Both of these originals are going to cause some serious damage for certain!


You can check out both originals below: