Over the years, the bass scene has taken many different twists and turns sonically since the initial bassline boom of 2015. It’s been very interesting to watch from the side-lines as the UK in-particular has undergone so many different transitions and musical production trends, all of which seem to be most influenced by each other in a constantly evolving bear pit of futuristic sound design. It’s safe to say that across social media, there aren’t many places to keep an eye on what is going down on the ground more-so than the widely engaged and notorious Lengoland platform.

Originally formed as an online music forum, the Lengoland platform has now evolved into much more than that, with the label side of the imprint now becoming one of the front runners in traditional bassline music across the UK. Sometimes, things just need to slap differently, and that is exactly what the Lengoland catalogue has always offered so expertly, no-nonsense dancefloor ready weapons that bassline DJ’s can’t keep their hands off.  Today we will be taking a look at their most recent release as Claybrook makes his return to the label with a very highly anticipated VIP mix. 

There’s no doubting the impact of the original recording, with it appearing across nearly every major bass playlist and DJ selection when it first landed. This VIP is the perfect way to keep the original vibe of the track alive with a bit of 2021 re-lick, again kicking off with an eerie introduction of highly compressed, almost carnival like drum-rhythms, all pulling us towards a truly explosive landing. We are greeted by a disturbing array of lazer-like synthesizer slides and choppy, unpredictable drum designs, all of which promise to send the slowly reopening dances into a state of dizzying delirium, that we can guarantee.

You can check out the preview for the track via our good friends over at JunoDownload via the link below: 

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