It’s been a very enjoyable summer across the sounds of underground music, with new artists making absolute waves over the last few months and the overall scene looking healthier than ever. There is a strange consistency between the sunshine poking through the clouds and the increase in wicked new releases, especially when it comes to the sounds of UKG in particular. Today, we are going to be taking another look at one of the most exciting new producers to emerge in 2022, as Edinburgh-based Clarcq once again delivers a serious summer wind, teaming up with the sounds of Tee for ‘You’.

This one comes to us courtesy of the very lively team over at Southpoint, who have continously made a fantastic effor to push exciting new talent from across the underground dance music spectrum, with their recent run of new garage recruits being a particular roster highlight. Clarcq has undoubtedly been one of their most exciting artist stories to follow, with his recent run of releases gaining support from the likes of DJ EZ and other UKG high-flyers, whilst also picking up some tasty playtime on Radio 1 & Kiss in the process. This latest single is perhaps the best of the bunch, as we get to experience a real summer-fueled arrangement.

First up, we have to mention Tee before diving into the production, who from a vocal perspective has absolutely smashed this one, providing cool, well thought out lyricsm and a catchy vocal performance, giving us the perfect topping for Clarcq’s instrumental base below. That production is near enough flawless, as we are greeted by brightened pads and colourful backdrops, glued together with warm, fuzzy sub-bass action and tidy drum rhythms to match, making this a perfect addition to any playlist over the next couple of months.

You can check out the full track below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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