It’s been a very exciting time watching so many new faces slowly but surely make their way to the front facing side of the UKG scene, with the overall health of the sound and the variety and magnitude of artists involved looking potentially to be it’s strongest point in history. There have been a number of labels that have made a big effort in supporting newer faces as pushing them forward, with the likes of Garage Shared, Strictly House & Garage, Southpoint and more all springing immediately to mind. Today however, we are going to be taking a look at the imprint headed up by potentially the most iconic garage name in UK history, as DJ EZ’s Nuvolve imprint delivers another fantastic single from a rapidly rising talent.

Nuvolve has been an imprint and a general brand that has always been about supporting the garage scene as a whole, with EZ’s workrate being nearly untouchable and the label’s catalogue having developed into a pristine gallery of gem-like originals. For their latest outing, they are heading up the road to Edinburgh as they welcome the futuristic flutters of Clarcq to the table.  Now Clarcq is without a doubt on of the names we feel the whole country should be watching, with his smooth, well rounded production style causing a serious stir, both in the DJ support he has been gaining, and in the charts and playlists he finds himself rising within.

This one takes the title ‘Pressure’ and is a fantastic example of what Clarcq has to offer, as we are greeted straight away by a wash of pallet-sounding pads and calmly processed drum textures, giving us a warm introduction that grows in intensity the longer in rolls. We then find ourselves in the midst of a tundra of techy sounds, as the whole composition comes to life, propped up by booming bass textures and breathy atmospherics, making this one a hell of an audible journey. It’s another winner for Clarcq and Nuvolve, both of whom continue to impress across the breadth of 2022.

You can check out the single via our friends at JunoDownload using the link below:

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