The team over at Garage Shared have been having an absolutely fantastic time of it recently, with their catalogue continuing to grow and expand the idea of what garage can be. This run has invited some of the most exceptional talents in the scene inside for high profile releases, alongside a flurry of the most exciting new school creators. This has therefore lead to them holding one of the most powerful catalogues in garage across both their primary Garage Shared output and then a tonne of sizzling one offs through their GS Dubs sister label.

The simplicity and precision of GS Dubs is something that we really appreciate as garage fans, no fuss, no drama, simple artwork and a killer track. This idea of stripping things back to the basics is becoming more and more popular, with platforms such as a Time Is Now also pushing their ‘White’ series, emulating the idea of white label releases. This time around on GS Dubs, we see them once again explore a dazzling newer talent, as the one and only Clarcq ticks another heavyweight label off his list, having previously released powerful originals on the likes of Southpoint and Nuvolve.

Clarcq’s sound is one that is capturing a lot of attention across the genre, with a beautiful combination of silky synthesis and bulbous basslines being the general crux of his sound design. When you then layer in the delicately arranged vocal samples and tidy percussive designs that arrive in ‘Eyes Closes’, you are sure in for a treat. There is ssomething so warm about Clarcq’s production style, which this new single emboddies down to a t, as sunsetting synthesizer sweeps give us a wonderful wash of colour in the tracks backdrop, making this a must have for any garage DJ.

You can check the track out for yourself via our good friends over at JunoDownload below:

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