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Chris Lorenzo & Redlight link up in style on ‘Run Up’

Posted 15/10/19 in

There are a few names within the UK bass music scene specifically that continue to rise to the top of the pile, whatever trends appear to happening within the 4×4 bracket. Two of the names that will always find themselves floating around the upper echelons of the expansive genre are of course both Chris Lorenzo and Redlight, producers who hold extremely high levels of respect among the bass music community. The scene is growing at a rapid rate, and it’s truly exciting to witness, especially with the quality level at the top continuing to rise.

For me personally, Redlight has been one of the most exciting production journeys to witness over the last decade, seeing his sound develop from a more carnival infused twist up of heavy percussive influences and vibrant rhythms, into a more retro-influenced blend of colourful synth patches and wavy vocal lines. Chris on the other hand, has been a producer at the forefront of the ‘UK Bass’ sound for a number of years now, slapping down multiple classics and constantly finding himself at the forefront of the sound we all know and love.

We are taking a look at this track specifically, following the launch of Chris Lorenzo’s brand new album last week, which takes the name ‘Late Checkout’. It was a launch that, unsurprisingly attracted a lot of attention from the wider bass scene, seeing a collection of Chris Lorenzo originals pop up in one standalone project. The album allows Chris to explore a number of new areas, with the most notable addition to the tracklisting being an incredibly catchy drum collaboration with none other than; The Streets.

However, we are here today to take a more specific look at this super exciting Redlight collaboration, which takes the name ‘Run It’, and allows Redlight to return to a more “tearout” approach to 4×4. By this we mean that the pair have gone all when it comes ot hard hitting synthesizers, heavy drum smashes and groovy rhythms. It was important we feel to make sure that both parties with this one were able to convey their signature sound, and we can definitely hear a touch of both artists in the composition, which is something we always love to hear within the finished product of a top quality link up such as this.

We have attached the track below for you to enjoy, following Chris’s official SoundCloud upload yesterday evening: 

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Words: KXVU

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