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Charted – Tengu

Posted 23/8/19 in

We are back once again on with another exclusive edition of Charted, the article series in which we invite along a range of different producers and DJ’s to showcase the tracks they are feeling the most. We have seen some fantastic names get involved in this one and that theme is set to continue today Tengu arrives with a weighty listing.

For those that aren’t aware, the dynamic duo of Tengu is a production duo based in Brighton & Worthing, two cities on the South Coast synonymous with emerging bass talent, with the sounds of Tengu leading the way. Over the last year we have seen them pick up some fantastic release placements, including numerous heaters on the likes of Bingo Bass and YosH Pit.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Chris, 1/2 of the project to discuss his current top ten tracks to play, which range across a mad selection of genres from D&B heaters to techy rollers. We have compiled the list below for you all to enjoy:

Francois & Riddim Commison (Ft Stush) – Winning

Francois has a real gift for catchy melodies using his signature sound, Him and the Riddim Commission boys really do know how to make anthems. Stush is also one of our favourite vocalists!

Mofaux – Haters

Everyone knows how much we love our boy Mofaux, I remember him showing this to me in the car (Chris) and I told him to park up so I could ‘reload’ this private SoundCloud link. It goes off in our sets as expected of tunes from Mofaux!

Kirbs – Beggin’

Kirbs is one to watch next year! This tune is a banger, he has got very unique sound design and memorable melodies. Beggin’ is a Banger!

Foor x Y3ll0 – Do You Want Me

Foor have always been massive inspirations to us. This tune really pushes the boundaries with their usual style and its so great to see them work overseas with Y3ll0 on this track. It’s a definite WHEEEEELLLLL UPPPPPPPPP tune.

Rightmind (ft Dread MC) – Search & Destroy

Rightmind is a fresh name to the scene and is already working with people so highly respected in the scene such as Dread. We couldn’t get over how powerful this tune is when I first heard it!

Tengu – Turn It Up (Chakhan Remix)

turn it up was one of the first big vocal tunes we had ever released, we knew we needed some upcoming talent to give a fresh twist on it. Chakhan were the first people to pop into our heads and we do NOT regret that decision what so ever! It’s a banging remix.

Matrix & Futurebound – Let It Go

Switching the vibe, we have been delving more into DNB recently after being the only bassline act on a full DNB line up! It was an incredible experience. Matrix & Futurebound are another huge influence on us and we have started ending our sets on this tune. Its So perfect, it concludes their album so we wanted it to conclude our sets!

J.G & Direct – Meant To Be

We got sent this as a promo just before a massive gig in Amsterdam and we flipped a table when this dropped. JG and Direct have smashed this tune out the park, the vocals and synth work are perfect!

Sub Focus – Solar System

Another big DNB titan with another big DNB anthem! This tune really shows how good and diverse Sub Focus can be, We heard this in a Matrix & Futurebound set and couldn’t get it out our heads for months!

Jauz & Axelboy – I Dare you

Jauz & Axelboy have made what we feel is the biggest tune of the year. Vocals, Melody, Drop, Sound Design, Vibe and everything you want about a tune! This one has not left our sets since its release. That UK and US crossover sound is whats in, and I would like to hear a lot more of this style!

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