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Charted – Strictly Flava

Posted 13/5/19 in

It’s no secret that we are serious fans of the Strictly Flava movement, having taken an interest in nearly every release they have put together over the last 12 months! As a label we feel they represent the purest form of what UKG stands for, straight dancefloor bangers that can be played almost anywhere.

The label has seen a dramatic level of growth over the last year, achieving numerous JunoDownload number ones and a tonne of high end support on releases from the likes of Limita. Minista, Kobe JT, MPH and more.

We were super excited to get them involved with a brand new Charted article, showcasing their favourite releases and the most innovative garage drops in recent times.

Earthnut – Catnip

This track amazes me every time I hear it! This is a real piece of music which takes you on a journey. Earthnut are fast becoming my favourite producers in this new and emerging scene!

Martyn – Recon

I’ve been a massive fan of Martyn for years. This track borrows elements from UKG, Dubstep, House and Techno and results in a perfect dance floor banger!

Royal Flush – Cut Ties

This whole compilation was incredible! This track in particular stood out to me. I’ve not really heard this side of Royal Flush before, defiantly some EL-Tuff influences in there for sure!

Falty DL – Ill Bent

FaltyDL has always been a favoutire producer of mine. I’m a sucker for shuffle on the drums, chord stabs and bass…This tracks blends all these elements perfectly.

VA – The Garage One

This one came out of the blue….quality EP and was done the oldskool way, vinyl only. These are the kind of sounds I grew up on! Absolutely love it.

Prescribe Da Vibe – Difficult

There was a lot of hype on this track and its easy to see why. PDV is clearly influenced by the sounds of Dem 2, Steve Gurley, Chris Mack and El-B…2-step at its best!

Solution – Tell Me Why

I remember when solution was an up and coming producer in the scene, now he’s truly cemented his place as one of the best garage producers to ever do it. Not a brand new track, but still well worth a play!

Mind Of A Dragon – Unconditional 

I’ve said before MOAD has the potential to be the best we’ve ever seen and this is by far my favourite track of his. A perfect track to start a set with!

Kobe JT – Free

I’m a big fan of Kobe JT and Downplay /Slime recordings. This is one of those tracks you can’t help to have a little skank to on the dance floor. Naught bassline, cheeky chord stabs and some vocal chops…that’s what garage is all about right?

Kobe JT & Minista – Ur Love

This is probably the most popular track I’ve put out on Strictly Flava. The boys done a great job working with an incredible vocal. The vocal breakdown gives me goosebumps every time!

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