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Charted – Soulecta

Posted 20/9/19 in

Following on from a fantastic summer period for the Garage revival movement, we are very much looking forward to seeing the momentum move forward and carry the genre well through the winter months. There’s something quite charming about the idea of a UKG rave in winter, the big coats and chilly entry queue to the fun and bubbly nature of the dance, lovely! 

For that reason we felt it right to get in touch with one of the hottest new wave garage producers currently working in the UK for his opinions of what the baddest tunes are right about now. We therefore present Soulecta, a producer and DJ whose uniquely clean production style has been earning him serious plaudits around the garage scene, always keep it fresh and colourful with every original and remix he lays down. 

We were lucky enough to grab him for our latest edition of Charted, as he sits down to discuss his favourite tracks to spin at the moment, including some absolute heaters! You can check out his full listing below:

Jack Junior – Got Your Money

I first heard a garage version of Ol’ Dirty Bastard  – ‘Got Your Money’ via the DJ Dee Kline & Ed209 breakbeat remix on the Pure Garage 2 Mix CD and loved it.  Nostalgia aside, this modern take on that catchy Kelis vocal is straight fire, and always goes down well in the dance.

DJ Pioneer & TJ x Kele Le Roc – My Love (Soulecta Remix)

I like to play this remix near the end of my set, it was an honour to be able to officially remix this track and the vocal is an absolute classic.  Back in 2017 I was experimenting with a crossover style of Garage/EDM and even though Garage has never been hands in the air genre, the best thing about making electronic music is the ability to experiment, fuse styles together and see what happens.  This remix is my attempt at sprinkling some euphoria into a room full of gun fingers.

TC4 – Brukout
This is one of those tracks you can just whip out when you want to turn the energy levels up a notch or 10, a guaranteed dance-floor weapon.  The arrangement is short and sweet with no breakdown, 1 minute after the first drop it builds up and goes again into another drop, madness.

Sammy Virji – Ride It

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sammy play out twice now and his DJ sets are one of my favourites from the new generation of garage DJs, consistently dropping 4×4 bangers with a modern edge.  I love the cheeky synth flute lead he’s added to the vocal, then when it drops it hits hard. Wonky business.

Chase & Status Feat. Ed Thomas – Blk & Blu (Preditah Remix)

I’m a sucker for crisp drums and a moody bass line and this remix delivers on both of those things, I play this out in almost all of my sets and it always goes down well.  The vocal chops are tight, and the synth chords that come in also add depth to the track.  The track gets elevated further when the verse vocal comes in, it’s just one of those remixes that sounds good in both the club and on radio.

Marvel & Eli – Man Like Me (Tuff Culture Remix)
This track shows Ragga vocals and dark bass-lines can work really well together.  Tuff Culture’s style is unique and I’ve been a fan of his work for a couple of years now.

Mind of A Dragon – Kick Da Dog

This is one of the first records I heard from MOAD back in 2016.  Sonically it still sounds fresh today as it did then and the kick my dog phone sample was a memorable early 00’s internet classic.

Soulecta – Funk U Up

A handful of my records in the past couple of years blur the lines between breakbeat and 2-step garage and this track is one of them.  I’ve always been a fan of the vocoder used in 80s funk and daft punk records so I thought why not experiment with one on a garage track.

Sean Paul – Get Busy (Shift K3Y Bootleg)


When I first heard this bootleg I knew it was banger. It’s more Jackin’ house than garage but works really well sped up in a garage set.

Soulecta – Slinky (VIP Mix)

Another track with a lot of energy, the original version was pure 2-step but for the VIP I wanted switch up the levels and turn it into a 4×4 track. One of my favourites to play in a set.

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