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Charted – Opus.

Posted 25/6/19 in

As we move forward on this threethousand platform, we want to continue to incorporate as many different genres of underground UK dance music as possible. With the recent re-emergence of dubstep on a major scale, we felt it was only right to get in contact with one of the new school front runners of the scene: Opus.

Known for his incredibly crispy production style and broad range of influences, Opus has made an absolutely storming start to his career, collecting regular releases on heavyweight platforms such as White Peach Records, Southpoint and more.

We therefore had to get in contact to see what his top 10 tunes of the moment are in a brand new edition of Charted, the full listing of which you can find below. Over to the man like Opus:

Reso – Gut Rot

Reso’s return to 140 has been widely anticipated by both the dubstep and drum & bass communities, and for good reason; this tune has been turning the dance inside out. Not only is it dripping with bassweight and mid-range clarity, it’s also a pleasure to mix. Biblical.

Bukez Finezt – Benz

This is the first track I heard from Sentry’s multi-artist ‘Syndicate’ LP and I’ve been dropping it in every set since. Bukez doesn’t shy away from utilising a wide range of influences to throw curveballs at the dance and this is no exception – trappy percussion and sub textures lead the way, all complimented by the trademark clinical production quality we’ve grown to know and love.

Darkimh – Boom

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever dropped this tune without it being wheeled up. For the uninitiated; Darkimh is a very talented producer (and great friend of mine) with a diverse palette of styles and his take on this Wiley acapella has a visceral edge that hits right in the stomach. It’s now available as a free download, so go on – click that button and treat yourself.

Gundam – 8 Bar Bonanza

While my own sound may not be particularly associated with high-speed grime cuts, I’ve found myself going back to this again and again when I want to switch things up during a set. The hectic chopping and slicing between White Peach’s greatest hits creates a fast-paced harmonic rhythm, which injects a fantastic energy when I want to spice things up and introduce a new vibe. At 3 years old, it’s no spring chicken but in my opinion, it’s timeless.

Cartridge – Like Gold

A newer face on the block, Cartridge has been churning out consistently good music of late and this is my personal favourite – If you’ve been listening to my recent guest mixes you will have heard this one. I’ve had punters leaning over the decks to catch an ID more than a few times and it deserves all the hype it gets.

EVA808 – Prrr (Lord Jabu Bootleg)

Regarded by many as one of the biggest tunes in recent years, Prrr has become a modern classic. Lord Jabu’s ice-cold 808 mastery compliments the original track perfectly without taking away too much of the original vibe. Excellent work.

Zygos – Tumble Dub

There’s a beautiful textural quality to the riff in this tune that I feel sets it apart from the rest – techno influences run rampant, while contrastingly heavy kicks and snares keep it touching base with classic dubstep roots throughout its duration. Zygos has an impressive work rate and believe me when I say that plenty more of his stellar music is yet to reach the surface.

S4MI – Burnt

If I were to categorise this tune with a genre I would be doing it a disservice. Like many of the tracks I’ve listed above, it blends influences seamlessly and creates a very unique flow as a result. Intricate melodic work isn’t particularly common in 140bpm dance music and so this track breathes fresh air into the scene.

PEEKABOO – Arrival

Peekaboo is a producer associated heavily with a tearout style and so his recent ‘deeper’ output has turned heads across the dubstep spectrum. I first heard this tune in a video from Outlook Festival last year and I immediately went hunting for an ID. A long, intense build up leads to an earth-shattering drop, laden with searing textures that flutter over the bassline to create a very detailed sense of sonic control. Combine that with drums packing more punch than Ronnie Pickering and you’re onto a winner.

Opus – Indigo (feat. D£DW8)

Yep, I’ve chosen the last spot to shamelessly plug my own tune. This has been featuring in my sets heavily since I received the vocal from the D£DW8 boys. If you don’t know about them, get to know – their Ice-cold flows fit on this beat like a glove and I’m mega excited about what they’ve got planned for the future.

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