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Charted – High Class Filter

Posted 30/5/19 in

And here we have it, the latest edition of charted, the written series in which we invite some of our favourite artists and taste makers in to discuss and showcase their favourite tracks of the moment. We have hosted some pretty wicked names, but we are more than excited than ever to hear another top 10.

Today we are very happy to welcome High Class Filter, a producer, DJ and host who has been making a real name for himself, with his most recent release being named as Mixmag’s Track Of The Month. We also have tuned into High Class Filter’s work through his well followed Beatport podcast, interviewing some of the biggest names across all genres of dance music.

With that being said, let’s get into his favourite selections below:

Leda Stray & High Class Filter feat. Nané – Venga

Gotta include this one from my most recent EP because I’m so happy with how it turned out. Me and Leda Stray fully got into a groove with this instrumental and Nané’s vocal took it up another notch. 

Razzler Man – River

All the stuff that’s been coming out on Renk Groove is great – they’ve been putting out some amazing percussive rollers like this one from Razzler Man. I love working this kind of track into my sets because it bangs enough to stand up by itself, or it can be used as a DJ tool to bring in 3 deck mixes and acapellas.

Chungo – Pineapple

Chungo sent this one through a while back and I’m really happy that it’s gonna be coming on my label Scuffed later in the year. Sometimes with club music the melodic side gets left behind, but Chungo’s hit the balance perfectly here between being melodic and club-ready. 

Fear-E – Jump On the House Train

I love labels like Dixon Avenue Basement Jams because they do house music like it should be done – raw, saturated thumpers. 

Mani Festo – Concorde II 

This is taken from Mani Festo and LMajor’s new Club Glow II album, which they dropped recently on Bandcamp. The whole album is worth a listen and covers a lot of ground musically, but this is the one that’s been in my sets most. 

Slikback – KYOKAI

Slikback is making some of the most interesting club music out there at the moment. This is one of my favourites from his latest release – thundering 160 business.  

Morwell – Eyes On Me

There are a few producers who always seem to be dropping new music in my inbox at an impossible rate, and Morwell is one of the best right now (gotta shout out Fork and Knife for always keeping my inbox fresh too). Check his new EP dropping in June.

Homemade Weapons – Patrol

Without a doubt one of the most innovative producers working in D&B right now. I love everything from Homemade Weapons and Samurai Music, and his new album is one of the best of 2019 so far. 

Sully – Porcelain

Jungle is one of those genres where it’s easy to get caught up in the old school stuff, but Sully is one of the producers consistently pushing things forward and putting out killer music like this. 

Slick Shoota – Chaser

The lead track from Slick Shoota’s VIP Vaults album that he dropped recently on Bandcamp. There’s so much heat on this release, and it’s only $7 – go cop that! 

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