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Charted #7 – Burt Cope

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As a genre, Bassline is an area that breeds expansion and forward thinking producers left right and centre. Some would actually describe this expanse of variation as a more vast umbrella genre called UK Bass music.

One of the areas within this maze of synthesisers and shredded sounds tends to be known as “Niche”. One artist who has seriously impressed over the last year goes by the name of Burt Cope, and through recreating a hybrid of truly original sound design and classic niche inspiration, he has cottoned onto something very special indeed. Through releasing material with labels such as Project Allout and Southpoint, Burt has managed to build a very receptive fanbase, who are always keen to know when they can grab their next dosage of original Bassline flavour. We were lucky enough to grab him for a few minutes to discuss his favourite tracks at the moment and why they made his list. You can check out his CHARTED listing below.

In no particular order:

1. Sammy Virji – Shields VIP

Sammy can do absolutely no wrong, with banger after banger he has grown to some extreme levels within the Bassline community. We have both come a long way since our b2b in our home town early last year which was said to be ‘iconic’. In my opinion this track exceeds the original and goes beyond expectation. The mind-expanding melodies, choppy vocals and Skippy drums come together to create this wonky masterpiece. Sammy’s sound design is one of the best in the game for originality no questions asked.

2. Harry Tremlett – Boxes [Unreleased]

Young harry is finding his feet slowly in the bass scene, but his production level is nothing short of extraordinary. This track always goes off in a set and is heard being supported by some big names. This wonky track drives so nicely on any sound system, with Virji-esque drums and ridiculous sound design this tune is going to go miles. Keep an eye out for Tremlett in 2019!

3. Jaikea x Wheeto – Loving you

Two of my favourite Bassline buddies have absolutely smashed it with this collab. The smooth vocal and atmospheric pads take you on a journey, contrasting with the huge twangy drops which will send anyone’s head flying. The nasty Bassline synths drive so nicely with the ridiculous melody, allowing screwed up faces to be seen in every corner of the dance.

4. Profile & Sub Killaz – It’s A Trap

Although I’m known for only releasing within the 140 region, I have always been a huge d&b head! This new brutal weapon from Profile & Sub Killaz gives you more stomping action than my big ol’ nan coming up the stairs. The wampy bass synths drive with such energy and force, along with the huge drums. This track is certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

5. Inavibe – Blessed [Phatworld Remix]

This is possibly one of my favourite remix’s ever. Phatworld have gone above and beyond with this Boomtown anthem. The bass synths rattle through any rave, causing everyone including the bouncers, to turn to each other and ask, “what the f*ck is this!?”. Phatworld have always been a huge inspiration within my productions, along with the whole Off Me Nut crew, one of the most vibrant and friendly collectives in the game. RIP Rob, aka Bass-hound, gone but never forgotten.  

6. Deadbeat UK – Wildside

Deadbeat has also always been an inspiration in my work, his sound design always makes me question reality while I buss a firm gun finger around the room. This track itself features a nice variation between the sing along, half timed drum sections and the ruthless drops. The gritty bass synths do wonders on any system, causing a riot. Another one to look out for is ‘Deadbeat UK X Charla Green – What U Say’, you can hear this in my latest ‘Bass N’ Vibes Mix’.

7. Shy FX – Roll The Dice ft. Stamina MC & Lily Allen

Shy FX has always been a pioneer within the d&b movement, constantly pushing out relentless anthems which deserve endless praise. Roll The Dice, featuring the UK treasure that is Lily Allen, has really been turning heads recently. The western theme crossed with the stylish, rolling instrumentation combines to create this instant classic. If the chorus isn’t stuck in your head after one listen, then I advise you book an appointment with your local GP.

8. Rico Tubbs – Gangsters (Dr. Oscillator Remix)

Dr. Oscillator always comes out the lab with tracks which make me feel somewhat mentally baffled. This man has absolutely killed it with this new remix for Rico Tubbs. It is very difficult to describe the bass synths Oscillator has cooked up in this one, but all you need to know is that this tune will send you spinning across the dance. Hear this one in my new ‘Bass N’ Vibes mix’

9. Simula – Belly Of The Beast

Simula has one of the most unique sounds in dnb, his disgustingly grotty productions always sound so clean which leaves me clueless, this track in particular from his EP titled ‘The End’. This beast of a track rips up any rave, the bass synths sound as if I’m watching a gruesome horror film and hiding behind the sofa. Simula, when live is not one to miss, being behind the decks with him at ‘Next Hype’ sent me sideways.

10. Kobe JT – Free (Limita Mix)

Limita is not only a close friend of mine but also one of my favorite up and comers within the Bass -House/UKG scene. He projects such positive energy in to his work, this one especially. The original, by Kobe JT, is a certified House/UKG banger which in my opinion is highly underrated. With the deep and dusky basslines along with the hypnotic vocal delay, Limita brings ‘Free’ to a darker tone. Look out for both Kobe JT and Limita in 2019!

This year is going to be huge for many promising producers that I’ve had on my radar. Some honourable mentions have to include J Kong, Higgo, Lijah, Kryphon, WavyD, Tengu, Claybrook, J69, Freddie Martin, Jay Faded, Venz, Silk and Hamdi just to name a few.

As well as gracing us with his current top 10 shellers, Burt has also recently completed volume 5 in his ‘Bass ‘N Vibes’ mix series full of some seriously weighty track and you can listen to it here:

You can also listen back to the mix Burt completed for us here:

Words: KXVU

For more from Burt Cope, please go to:


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