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Charted #6 – Hypho

Posted 2/11/18 in

Bass as an overseeing genre is an expansive one by it’s very nature, incoorporating hundereds of different sub-genres into it’s folds, giving us something truly beautiful in the long wrong. There are some producers who are able to use this to their advantage by crossing the boundaries of different segements seamlessly, ending up with truly innovative material at every turn.

One producer that we feel has been doing this for quite some time is Manchester’s own: Hypho. As a producer, there really are few that are able to transcend across as many areas of bass music as this man, who has been flying high from everywhere between dubstep and bassline for the last few years. His production really does effortlessly blend the grittier more dungeon inspired timbres of minimal dubstep with shuffling, broken garage rhythms, spooky vocals and a tonne of stunning soundscaped atmospherics.

For this reason, we were very keen to sit down with the man to discuss his favourite tracks to spin at the minute, as a man with such a broad spectrum of production styles surely must have a wide range of influences, surely? Right?!

We are therefore very excited to present you with Charted #6 as Hypho gets stuck into his favourite pieces of the current time:

Hypho’s Top 10

Biome – Fargo

 This bad boy tune is as nuts as it gets to be honest, the synth on the drop really resonates with me and I’m sure to drop this in a set if you ever catch me play!

Square – Quandry

 When I play this track I imagine people lurking in shadows and marching to war. Nothing beats a good Squane track, but this one just happens to be my favourite of his!

TMSV – Stay Closed

I’m in love the way Dubstep is going at the moment and TMSV is killing it with his wonk sounds, I love a beat when it sounds like its tripping over itself and this is definitely and original idea on his behalf. All out dub vibes on this one for sure!

Samba – 23

This track is epic, everything about the sonics of this track are second to none. if your after tracks for the floor I recommend listening to Samba, the details in his tunes are something to look up to! Melodic and sub driven dopeness.

Mershak – Arpochondriac

Well.. you all know I’m a big fan of the infused techno and dubstep sound. Mershak has definitely held back with this release on Jelly Bean Farm. Acidic dubstep grooves and enough percussion to last you a life time.

Widow – Ritual

This one amazed me when I first heard it, such great sound design and production in this track. Slow dubstep with a lot of Hip hop influences and all out experimentation. If your into your sound design then this one should gain your attention.

Sleeper – Greens

 The momentum of the drop in this track sets sound systems alight, and the melodic sampling set off beat brings great vibes to the track. Sleepers is known for his tight production and boundary crossing and thats exactly what he does in this track

Rygby – Pasqualina

The first time I heard this track I wasn’t sure weather to dance or trance, This has to be the most original/strange melody I’ve heard and I love it. Rygby has a mind of his own when creating beats and he causes even more danger when he’s with his ‘CHONK’ crew.

Opus – Peel

Opus is the new boy in blue, everyones looking at him! and this tune can tell you why! Distorted bass hits and Overloaded high hats are this guys thing. Really in love with how this track progresses from a 808 to wobble.

Hebbe – Watch Out

 Stomping through the dance with this track, Out to Hebbe! The mid work on this track are to die for, definitely one for the sound system. This one is out on Duploc.

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Words: KXVU

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