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Charted #3 – N.Y.T.A [Interview and official EP premiere]

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Within the UK Bass scene, there are few that have managed to make themselves as applicable across the board as N.Y.T.A. Known for his super futuristic style, blending tech inspired bass moogs and rolling percussive drum progressions, the Bristol based producer has become renowned for the defying the ordinary and yet remaining as relevant as ever, a skill few have ever mastered within UK dance music in general.
We feel truly honoured therefore to put together this exclusive triple threat, as we bring you a quick official interview with the man himself, alongside a very highly anticipated top 10 track listing. To make it the treble, we are also extremely stoked to be hosting the premiere for ‘Go’, one of the upcoming heaters from N.Y.T.A’s ’24 Hour Party People’ project.
Let’s get it cracking, check out the interview below:
So first of all how long have you been making music how Under the N.Y.T.A alias?
So as N.Y.T.A it’s been a new thing because the long version of this alias (New York Transit Authority) got really annoying!!
As a producer and DJ, your sound tends to transcend across a lot of sub-genres of UK dance music, is this something intentional or do you really push yourself to hit as many corners as possible?
It’s the opposite, i wish I could just make / be known for doing one style/sound but I get bored real easy and I genuinely can only write a track once, I can’t do formulas which means what you hear is a reflection of how I was feeling on that particular day.
So this EP is a real showcase of the breadth of musical styles you work across, do you think a widened collection of styles is something producers often shy away from?
Yeah for the reasons above, it’s better to be known for one thing these days but unfortunately I just can’t keep making the same song over and over.
So we’ve been given the absolute pleasure of premiering ‘Go’ from your new EP today, what was the inspiration behind this one as it’s a bit more bassliney that we normally hear from yourself? 
Yeah I mean I’m a big fan of Bass music and I’ve always made music with basslines in. This one for me is more of a nod to that classic Redlight sound of 2011/2012. For me it was those years that led us to this current climate the uk bass music is in now.
Why the name ‘24 Hour Party People’?
The EP just reminded me that although we are all different tribes that go to different clubs & festivals to listen to different music, we are all the 24hr party people. We are the people that keep the clubs open, keep the DJ’s in work and keep producers wanting to make club music. Whether you’re into techno, House, Bassline or UKG we are all just ravers!
What’s next for you?
I’ve got something forthcoming with Jammz on Zinc’s Bingo Bass & then hopefully I can squeeze one more single in before the year is out. Next year I’ll just be keeping up releasing consistently!!
So, we’ve also been lucky enough to grab an official “Charted” listing from yourself, what are you really looking for in new music these days? What gets the vibes pumping?
I just look for what gets me moving, it has to be fresh and not just a clone but tbh as long as it’s good & makes my ears prick up then I’m in!!


1. N.Y.T.A x Jammz – Stress

2. N.Y.T.A – Got Me Feeling

3. My Nu leng – Super 8

4. Conducta – Sleep (Bassboy Remix)

5. Kanye west & Lil pump – I Love It (X5 Dubs 135 Remix)

6. Notion – Real

7. N.Y.T.A – Go

8. Fisher – Losing It

9. Foor ft Dread MC – Riot

10. Kastle – In My Mind (LedaStray Remix)

You can check out the premiere for ‘Go’ here:

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Words: KXVU


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