So far, 2022 for underground dance music here in the UK has been one of the most exciting starts to a year we have ever seen, with countless different labels and artists launching incredible new drops right from the first week. This has of course meant that the bar has been high from the jump and it has already lead to some interesting campaigns, tidy link ups and an overall healthy feel among the bass community. Today, we find ourselves extending ourselves overseas as we take a look at a very exciting link up, pulling together one of the US’s finest label imprints, and one of the UK’s most consistent producers to date.

It’s no secret that we hold Champion in extremely high regard, with his legendary catalogue and signature sounds preceeding him, there aren’t many people who have been doing what he has for as long as he has across so many different areas of underground bass music. With his recent exploits seeing him swerve lane to a much more garage-sentric sound, we were absolutely thrilled to see him link up with the Night Bass crew, who we have noticed have been putting their feelers out to the UK community a lot more in recent times. The result of this Atlantic-fusion is of course a pair of system-rattling belters that we can’t wait to talk about below.

We kick off with a little listen to ‘Jet Wash’, a fearsome A-side that not only makes itself a perfect weapon for the dancefloor, but also showcases the uniqueness of Champion’s production style, utilizing organic, crunchy drum sounds and fun, sub-busting LFO sweeps to inject a serious amount of energy into any set. The flip is where it gets interesting however, as ‘Gunshot’ makes an apperance after many many years of waiting, being featured of ‘This Is Garage’, ‘Fabriclive’ and of course Deeprot, making it one of the most sought after originals of the last few years. The track itself is a well known rave-destroyer, focussing in on flamboyant rhythmic bass slides and bouncy drum textures with a serious level of finesse.

You can check out both tracks via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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