The art of a good remix is one that over time, especially within the broad spectrum of UK bass music, has somewhat lost it’s edge. The entirety of the UK bass scene went through an unusual period of essentially remixing for view counts, taking whatever huge scale hit had landed that week, ripping the intro and turning the rest of the track into any possible combination of bass synths and 4×4 drum loops. It’s safe to say however, that as an artist, Champion is a name that has never followed that blueprint and has always provided us with incredibly well designed remixes and refixes, whatever area of underground dance music he finds himself working in.

The remixes he has supplied have come from across the board as well, ranging from fantastic pop-scale recreations with a garage twist, to more unusual, rough cut bass heavy refixes that have been used as dynamite on dance floors around the country for the past 10 years. These remixes have always proved to be super useful to DJs, and of course provided that extra lick of enjoyment for home listeners. Today, we will be looking at his latest release which definitely leans much more towards the first option as he arrives with a sumptuous recreation of Mnelia’s ‘Senseless’. T

As far as remixes go, this is exactly what we want to hear from Champion, as he takes Mnelia’s distinctive vocal lines and sends them straight into the UKG blender to give us some nostalgic, throwback melodic chops. Alongside this, the track itself holds a very electronic feel, which allows both the powerful drum designs and moogy bass flicks to run riot, injecting energy into every tiny pocket of the composition. It’s yet another fantastic drop from one of the most consistent names out there, especially when it comes to the art of a good remix.

You can check out the full version of the track and purchase it via our friends over at JunoDownload on the link below:

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