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We have a real treat for you with this one as we continue along our very enjoyable release run that has seen 2019 become our favourite year of operations so far. Today, we are pleased to unveil this extremely forward thinking EP, as we welcome back Ghost Channels to 3000 Deep.
We are very excited to get back amongst the releases at 3000 Deep as we introduce you all to the sounds of MARKUZ. Our aim on this channel is to keep you all as up to date as possible with shiny new house releases, and this new project is the perfect way to do so.
This latest addition to the catalogue comes to us from Antadope, a Florida based production mastermind who brings forward his super smooth ‘Miracles’ original for your enjoyment here today.
Within the realms of deep house and surrounding genres, it’s often easy to find yourself sticking to the same formula for track after track, simply because it works. The reason we like this latest release from Ghost Channels so much is because it truly defies the norm, in both it’s sound design and general creation.
As ever with 3000 Deep, we look to bring you the silkiest, smoothest 4×4 heat, here supplied to us by Stund, a producer who is gaining quite the reputation for his high quality original creations.
We are very excited to be back amongst the releases here at 3000 Deep, as we move out of Summer and into Autumn with a bag of new power to heat up any dance. For todays most recent outing, we bring forward the combined talents of F-LIMA & Mikhail Garcez for a storming deep house roller by the name of ‘Take It Easy’.
We are loving the quality of the submissions that we are receiving via the 3000 Deep inbox recently, as we continue to unleash an array of great new artists for you to enjoy. Today we are tuned into a new heater from Faddist, who deploys some of his lethal production techniques on this track entitled ‘Gat Empty’.
As ever at 3000 Deep we are always looking to find the latest and greatest in deeper 4×4 and house music, a task which in the summer becomes all the more enjoyable as producers begin to flex their more atmospheric muscles, a theme we can hear running fluidly throughout this brand new heater from Giovanni Moretti.
So we are back at it again on 3000 Deep as we get down with a brand new, vibrant two track project from none other than the Dirty Brothers. As a team, they have gained quite the reputation for pulsating original creations, and this latest offering doesn’t break the trend in the slightest.
We are absolutely loving the incredibly high standard of submission we have been receiving on the 3000 Deep page of late, with track being a prime example of just how exciting the times are here at the 3000 Network. We therefore can’t wait for you to dive into this peachy new number from Yosif, which takes the name ‘Feel You’.
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Some of our avid followers will know that we have just featured a fantastic 2 tracker from up and comer Benjamin Bogart which incorporated deep and bass elements flawlessly, so we thought it would only be right if were to ask him back to step up next in our exclusive mix series and we are certainly glad we did!
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As the 3000 Network continues to grow and encapsulate different styles and genres of dance music, we are very keen to continue to promote underground bass and house music as much as possible. This is why we are so excited to be presenting you all with this brand new two track selection from Benjamin Bogart, an exciting up and coming producer from Nijmegen, Netherlands.
As the humidity of early summer rages on, we strive to bring you the latest and most enjoyable original dance music here on 3000 Deep, showcasing the more subtle, techy side of 4×4 bass music. That is why we are super thrilled to be presenting you all today with this absolute heater of a collaboration between WD2N & NewTheBeat.
Once again, we have another high quality track for you from across the pond, this time Brazil and San Francisco unite as Gandolfi B. and WOLVERO bring us the seductive ‘Devotion’.
Summer is most certainly in the air at the minute, as we begin to receive a massive selection of sunshine inspired bangers, full of uplifting melodies and nostalgia to match. This brand new drop from Rycha is here to showcase just how excited we are for what we have ahead.
As bass music in the UK expands and starts to take on a much more techy nature, we are very excited at the prospect of exploring an entirely new landscape of influences within the dance modern music scene. This latest original from DEDS is the perfect example of what we are talking about as he steps up on top form with a heater by the name of ‘Donkey Kong’.
The thing we enjoy most about the extensive reach of the 3000 Network, is that we are able to explore so many different diverse areas of house and bass music, with 3000 Deep being the place we can look mostly at darker, more experimental house sounds and this latest offering from Exlls is a perfect example of that!
As we hurtle into what is sure to be a scorching hot summer, we need the tunes to match the forecast. Our inbox is currently overflowing with fantastic submissions, but one of our favourite to pop up in recent times is this blippy banger from Brazil’s Monodisco.
At 3000 Deep one of our primary concerns is keeping you all updated with regular, experimental 4×4 music that ticks all the boxes whilst also moves the scene forward. We believe we have found such a gem here as Enrique Gongora teams up with Filizola for a brand new single.
It’s been a blazing couple of weeks in the UK, with the sun out in force and party goers suiting up for a summer of raving and nightlife. For that reason amongst others we feel this is the perfect time to unleash this fantastic new-school techy roller from CG.
This brand new original from CITYWALKR is a perfect example of that, as he displays an array of unique production techniques and prowess within ‘Whole Nu Level’.
It is an absolutely fantastic time to be involved with bass music on a worldwide scale, and this latest bootleg recreation from the ever dependable Dytez is the perfect example as to why.
If you are looking for a futuristic groovy bass initiative, we bid you look no further than this tasty little number as we welcome into the 3000 roster with his catchy new techy switch up which goes by the name of ‘Forgive You’.
It’s an exciting time for the 3000 camp at the moment, with an array of new artists bubbling away behind the scenes, working extremely hard to bring you guys the most forward thinking bass music out there. This brand new creation from KusKa is a perfect example of what we are talking about.
We venture to São Paulo in search of our next enthralling instalment of The 3000 Deep Exclusive Mix series and this time we’ve struck gold with 60 minutes of wholesome Techy goodness courtesy of Mikhail Garcez.
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We are very excited to be presenting you with this summer-inducing banger, courtesy of Mr. G. we here see him get busy on a lively rework of Shadowkey’s ‘Yours Tonight’.
We continue our international themes with this one as we get busy alongside Ben Fox for an absolute corker of a drop. 2018 really was a standout year for the Canadian bass maestro, having achieved a well supported Beatport #1 and a spot at Shambhala’s Pagoda stage.
It’s now time to expand our exploration into worldwide bass music, as we find ourselves landing amidst the Russian expanse with this brand new single from Gofra Maslow. After a very exciting 2018, we are thrilled to be welcoming Gofra to the 3000 Deep network.
As we meander into the second month on the year, we have been very excited with the wealth of new bass music we have been receiving for potential release. This latest helping from French professor of sound known as Soxx is an example of that.
This year at 3000 we are putting a lot more time and resources into building releases into larger scale projects, giving artists the opportunity to showcase a wider range of their musical prowess. One of these EP’s specifically we present to you now as we introduce poolhaus, bringing his flavoursome sound to the table with two cracking compositions.