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It is now time to return to our world renowned mix series here at 3000 Bass, where we bring you some of the most exciting up and coming names to showcase their skills when it comes to the mix and blend. Today we are very excited to welcome in Jake Compton, a DJ and producer from Brighton, who is making quite a name for himself both within the city and beyond!
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Today we have an absolute treat for you as we have arranged a very exclusive interview and mix with none other than Dommix. As an artist he is a name that he gained quite a heavy bit of traction through clever bootleg mixes and reworks through SoundCloud. These remixes have pushed him into the line of sight of hard hitting UK names such as Darkzy, Skepsis and more, as well as worldwide tastemakers such as DJ Zinc and therefore: Bingo Bass.
We are absolutely loving the range of styles that we are receiving in the 3000 inbox these days, with submissions ranging from super precise tech-influenced rollers to new school takes on original niche flavours. This new piece from Daniel Robison follows the format of the latter, as he touches down with ‘KBS’.
We have had a fair few years now of bassline and UK bass music in general dominating the underground scene, with festivals and dances nationwide preferring to take a ride through twisted LFO’s and 4×4 rhythms. It is therefore time to look the future of the sound and where it is headed, which is why it’s our great pleasure to introduce Qualm to proceedings.
At 3000 we adore nothing better getting stuck into a weighty selection of new school bass originals, which is why we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing you the 127th edition of our exclusive mix series, courtesy of none other than Hungry Man.
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UK Funky is one of those genres that seems to be constantly up for debate, what is it? is it dead? is such and such bringing it back? The sound has evolved so much over time that whilst that core UK Funky sound remains there are endless sub genres/crossovers and related sounds to consider. Having only been involved in the scene for a couple of years I often find it difficult to say this is UK Funky or this isn’t because I don’t feel it’s my place to say.
We have had a fantastic run of new singles over the last few weeks, and we couldn’t be happier to be finishing up the month with a bang as we invite Joshrox in to give us a dose of jackin’ goodness, all the way from Australia.
The world of bassline is absolutely jam packed with fantastic bootlegs and refixes, with it being a large part of the genre’s rapid rise to notoriety amongst UK ravers. We therefore have an absolute treat for you here as we introduce this brand new overhaul from Manta on 3000 Bass.
It’s an exciting time for us at 3000 Bass, as our submissions folder grows ever stronger, with some absolute heaters on the way, just in time for the summer dances. The latest in a long line of hard hitting bass scorchers we are proud to present to you, comes courtesy of NIGY.
As one of the most talked about artists within Italy’s bass scene, It is an absolute pleasure to welcome aboard Kaishi for yet another fantastic solo single. This track sits perfectly between the harsher, dirtier tones of Bassline and more subtle sounds of Bass House, filling the gap with great effect.
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Here at The 3000 Network, we aim to cover all aspects of underground bass music in the UK and as we move forward and the genre’s progress, it is extremely important to pay homage to what came before. For that reason, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be introducing Sam Bassline with his brand new nostalgic ride in ‘Heaven’.
We are keeping the stompers rolling as a wash of new school bass music makes its way onto the 3000 Bass channel, the latest of which comes from BAJJ x ADDZY by the name of ‘Night Life’.
3000 Bass
As the garage revival continues to blossom, with new producers finding their feet and older names returning with a wealth of experience. This means that we are slowly but surely being blessed with an enormous catalogue of new music, with labels and collective projects such as Slime Recordings rising to the occasion time and time again.
At 3000 Bass, we make a major effort to stay current with the music we release and artists we support. Bass music has been heading through a transitional period in the UK, slowly but surely moving away from super loud, whammy leads, to a more subtle, techy approach.
And lo the madness continues here at 3000 Bass as we bring forward this extremely exciting collaboration between two fantastic bass talents in He Who Dares and Chris Gresswell
We are absolutely thrilled to be keeping our high quality release schedule with this as we see the carnage unfold between Rawz and Protrak, who’s styles combine with powerful results on this brand new collaboration entitled ‘Giving Up’.
We are very excited to be welcoming Holly B into the extensive 3000 network by bringing her in on mix duty. At 3000 we love to represent the full spectrum of bass music in the UK and beyond, with Holly B taking us through the darker, more hardcore sound here.
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At 3000, we love nothing more than giving our selected roster an additional push, which is why we are so thrilled to present this absolutely blistering studio mix from the man like JGE.
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We are absolutely loving the quality of submissions that we are lucky enough to be receiving in the 3000 Bass inbox at the moment, with this brand new gritty roller from Chuck Shadow being a testament to that!  At 3000, our aim is to keep you all supplied with the freshest bass flavours and ‘Ayo’ is a track that fits right into that category.
We are super excited to finally be welcoming Elivo to the 3000 Bass channel, who joins us after a run of very exciting releases with both Southpoint & YosH Pit
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Every now and then, our submissions folder is blessed with the appearance of an absolute gem. Such a time is upon us again as we proudly unveil this little stick of dynamite from Maraki, which goes by the name of ‘Let It Show’.
We are back with another 4×4 bass fest here as we unveil this cracking new creation, courtesy of the collaborative strengths of Bruks and Harris. As a pair of individual producers they are both picking up quite a bit of traction, so when combined, we are in for a real treat.
It’s now time for us to leap into another guest mix drop, as we hit edition 123. For this most recent selection with bring forward Teal, who gets busy right out the gate to supply us a meaty track-listing, stuffed to the brim with bassy goodness.
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It’s time to get extremely gritty as we join forces with Teal for the release of his very aptly named ‘Bassline Riddim’.
As we move into March, we are thrilled to be continuing our in-house mix series as we bring you the heavyweight flavours of HDrizzle.
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It’s that time again as we unveil a brand new scorcher and this time it comes from Wild Bass and Markuz, who come together in power to bring us ‘Wassup’, a futuristic bass warbler to say the least.
We are absolutely loving the range of submissions that we are receiving at the minute, with such a range of styles making the channel as we unveil this brand new barrel of grooves from The Schmidt and Pavones.
It’s time for us to get a bit experimental on this one as we bring you guys a futuristic funk-bomb from Parisian Bass connoisseur Movenchy.
We are thrilled to welcome in North Side, who plunges into the deepest darkest realms of galactic tech on a brand new single entitled ‘Fyarr’.
It’s now time to get busy with some international flavour as we invite the Sydney based sounds of Luny into the 3000 Bass camp for a very exciting drop indeed.