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We are very excited to crack on with our next run of releases as we welcome in the experimental sounds of DNL!. He joins us for a truly action packed single with the name of ‘A Night In Prague’, and is most  certainly a gem we feel the DJ’s from across the bass spectrum will enjoy.
Today we are here to explore the latter as Cooky and KDYN join forces for a very exciting exploration into some really lively bass synthesizers as ‘Punish’ looms into view, stacked with dancefloor energy and lively themes from start to finish. This is one of those secret weapons that bass DJs around the countries just love to deploy!
At 3000 Bass we love more than to delve into the experimental and unexplored, which is why the recent string of submissions have given us such a high degree of enjoyment. Today we are back in business to bring you the latest piece of gold served up to us by Movenchy, a producer who’s recent run of form is quite something!
We welcome you back to our beloved 3000 Bass, with yet another slice of Bassline goodness for your eardrums as we move through the Autumn months and into the cold! With students returning to universities around the country, we are going to be sure to keep DJ’s fully loaded with heaters, including this brand new belter from Walt Nipsey.
It’s that time again as we return to our beloved 3000 Bass platform to unveil a brand new heater, this time bringing together something that sounds a little different to one of our normal uploads.
We return with yet another explosive combination as we welcome the joint styles of MVLDER and JY Akari on their brand new collaborative single ‘So Into You’. Hold onto your hats folks, because this one is about to blow you away.
We are very excited to bring forward one heck of a collaboration, showcasing the forward thinking bass infused sounds of both LALZIN and Chris Dogzout, who combine their styles with wicked results on this new heater entitled ‘Poppin Tha Bottle’.
At 3000 Bass we are stockpiling the winter warmers, with tracks such as this being the main point of focus, as Zakariae & Type 99 team up for a juicy number by the name of ‘Ma Face’, a very exciting collaboratory project indeed which sees the pair combine their styles with fantastic results.
3000 Bass
Creativity is what we strive to discover here at Bass music is a busy marketplace, filled with thousands of replicants following very few original sound-smiths, which can often give the impression that there is a serious lack of originality. However, today we are going to be looking at the England to Poland based duo of Negativ, who defy the above themes time and time again, championing their unique blend of breaks and bass.
Today we are back in action with Ryuken yet again with another storming guest mix, exclusive to the 3000 Bass SoundCloud page. Having worked closely with the team at Bingo Bass in recent months, when we saw this selection land in the inbox it was a no brainer that we simply had to get involved.
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With bass music constantly expanding and evolving substantially as a genre, sometimes it’s fun to go back to the old school, which is exactly what we do here with this brand new bag of heat from Dynascope, a Zurich based producer who has been ticking all the right boxes with his vibrant, gnarly production stylings.
At 3000 Bass, we are always looking to bring together fresh EP’s and releases of all kinds to satisfy the eardrums of you, our loyal listeners. Today we believe we have unearthed another gem as we present to you this potent new two track creation from Lennard Ellis, an Italian producer whose unique sound structure and high energy rhythms have been gaining him quite the reputation.
Following on from a heatwave, we intend to keep the levels scorching heat extremely high as we bring forward this latest offering from Kyle George, a producer we have been keeping tabs on for a hot minute. With an exciting production style, laying this one onto the 3000 Bass platform was somewhat of a no brainer at our end.
For the latest edition of our 3000 Bass Exclusive Mix Series we are heading up to Newcastle, as we welcome in the futuristic bassy badness of Baxxter, a DJ we have been keeping a serious eye on over the past few months.
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In the height of the summer sun, we felt it only right to turn the energy up another level by bringing forward a brand new original from D:POWER, a producer who’s highly electronic style is drenched in vibrant synthesis and violent rhythmic twists and turns, perfect for taking the dance to the next level.
It’s time to get seriously dark and grizzly here as we move into our latest 3000 Bass offering, today coming to us courtesy of MODA, a producer duo who’s unique sound design and energetic compositional structure has started to catch the attention of the bass scene and obviously us here at The 3000 Network.
We are back again today to bring you more brand spanking new bass music, fresh off the shelf from K9, a producer who’s raucous blend between EDM themes and explosive Bassline rhythms has been gaining him quite the reputation.
So, what sort of treat do we have lined up for you today then? Following on from a string of very exciting releases, we are very pleased to be welcoming JG to 3000 Bass for an emphatic new remix project, into which the Sheffield based Bassline wizard pours a tonne of energy.
So today we are here to bring you a slice of nostalgic shellery as we invite in the sounds of Magness to the 3000 Bass page. For us it is very important that we are able to continue to diversify between the full breadth of UK Bass music, be that with the more subtle material you may find on the 3000 Deep channel, or more tear-out track such as this one!
As the summer continues to rage on the UK continues to be hit with barrages of explosive heat, our submissions inbox has been receiving a similar treat as we take a look at this brand new heater from WARMAN.
3000 Bass
What a time it is for Sammy Virji, a producer who has literally shot to the top of the garage and bassline scenes around the UK over the last 18 months, and for good reason. As a producer, he is starting to gain a monumental following, with every release or remix gaining a tonne of support from the second it hits the world wide web.
We are very excited to welcome MKII to the 3000 Bass mix series, a producer who has gone from strength to strength over the past few months, locking in releases alongside some of the most popular imprints within the UKG and bass scenes.
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As we move into summer, we need to make sure that The 3000 Network is supplying you wonderful people with the latest and greatest in bass music, including everything from the more house inspired arrangements that can be found on 3000 Deep, all the way to the big room EDM style tear-out bangers you can find here on the 3000 Bass channel.
At 3000 Bass, one of our primary focus points is to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to bring you all the weightest most exciting new bass music from around the UK and beyond, be it from established faces, heavyweight veterans or sprightly newcomers to our ever expanding scene.
Despite a couple of rainy days and the odd bit of drizzle, there’s no doubt that we are speeding towards summer with some serious speed, meaning that we are going to be in need of a fresh array of warm weather bassline bangers. We are happy to oblige here as we bring you this brand new spicy serving from JGE entitled ‘Sunshine’.
It is now time to return to our world renowned mix series here at 3000 Bass, where we bring you some of the most exciting up and coming names to showcase their skills when it comes to the mix and blend. Today we are very excited to welcome in Jake Compton, a DJ and producer from Brighton, who is making quite a name for himself both within the city and beyond!
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3000 Bass
Today we have an absolute treat for you as we have arranged a very exclusive interview and mix with none other than Dommix. As an artist he is a name that he gained quite a heavy bit of traction through clever bootleg mixes and reworks through SoundCloud. These remixes have pushed him into the line of sight of hard hitting UK names such as Darkzy, Skepsis and more, as well as worldwide tastemakers such as DJ Zinc and therefore: Bingo Bass.
We are absolutely loving the range of styles that we are receiving in the 3000 inbox these days, with submissions ranging from super precise tech-influenced rollers to new school takes on original niche flavours. This new piece from Daniel Robison follows the format of the latter, as he touches down with ‘KBS’.
We have had a fair few years now of bassline and UK bass music in general dominating the underground scene, with festivals and dances nationwide preferring to take a ride through twisted LFO’s and 4×4 rhythms. It is therefore time to look the future of the sound and where it is headed, which is why it’s our great pleasure to introduce Qualm to proceedings.
At 3000 we adore nothing better getting stuck into a weighty selection of new school bass originals, which is why we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing you the 127th edition of our exclusive mix series, courtesy of none other than Hungry Man.
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