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Carlisle’s own SubSound celebrate 6000 subs with new free release

Posted 4/11/19 in

There’s nothing we like to see more here at than an independent project thriving in their own community. We firmly believe that building something for your own city rather than moving to where the action is at is the way to go, so when we see events popping up and growing into genuinely exciting business models it fills us with joy, as it can only mean good things for our ever expanding bass community.

An example of this and the subjects of today’s viewings are Carlisle’s own SubSound, an incredibly versatile homespun project, headed up by TZ who also holds a resident spot at the live events alongside Shane Bowman and Ruptcha. The team involved seem to have their finger on the pulse for what their city wants and needs, bringing a regular stream of exciting line ups. This is the sort of movement that inspires others to do the same, and then boom, before you know it your city has its very own scene. 

Despite the excitement surrounding their event structure, we are here today to take a look at the music side of things more specifically as the SubSound team celebrate a fantastic achievement as they hit a six thousand follower  count on their official SoundCloud page. With the dip in SoundClouds popularity and active usership, to achieve such a solid follower count without shelling out on uber top tier artists is an extremely credible thing in our eyes. Again, we feel the label is going about things in the right way, focussing on growth of their own roster and the showcasing of exciting new artists.

They have celebrated this latest milestone with a very tasty EP selection, featuring five absolutely corking originals, showcasing a real depth of catalogue and genre styles. To kick off, we dive into the techy drum twists of ‘Impatient’ from Brighton’s own Jake Compton, before TZ himself lands with stompy yet subtle bassy roller in ‘Money’. The party really starts on the next turn however as the tearout bass synthesisers of Samstone’s ‘Prestige’ joins up with the acidic moog-lines of ‘Fiesta Loca’ from Zack Shaboo. Finally, Lowkey rounds off the party with the lovely synth work of ‘God Damn Thang’, putting the final candle on the celebratory cake.


We love the EP and highly recommend you check it out for yourself via the SoundCloud link below: 

Follow: SubSound

Words: KXVU

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