We chat to andrsn about the new 3000 Bass release, his 2020 and plans for the future

Despite the number of curveballs 2020 has thrown our way, we have still managed to see the emergence and the growth of a whole new wave of bass producers. Producers from all over the world have managed to overcome the obstacles of no live shows and events and turned their focus to furthering their productive ability. As a result, we’ve seen the genre of
Bassline and the new style UK Bass grow substantially. With new, exciting producers emerging from all parts of the world. One of these producers, is Californian producer/ DJ, known as ANDRSN.


ANDRSN burst on the scene at the start of 2020, throwing himself headfirst into the UK Bass sound, landing himself a spot of CruCast’s fourth edition of the ‘New Blood EP’, with his feature, ‘Nice & Easy’. ANDRSN joined the likes of KUDOS, Kitone and Subshock & Evangelos on this all-star edition of New Blood and since the release, ANDRSN has grossed over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone.

CruCast - New Blood 4
CruCast – New Blood 4

Riding the momentum from that huge release, ANDRSN picks up another release on a UK Bass label, this time right here on our very own 3000 Bass. ‘Look Back’ by ANDRSN which is now available for purchase exclusively on Beatport here. In preparation for the singles release, I sat down to catch up with the man himself and talk about everything to do with the single as well as how 2020s has affected him and the strength of the bass scene across the pond:


Q. What a year it’s been! When you look back to the start of the year, are you pleased with how much you’ve achieved so far?
A. First, I want to start off by saying thanks to you and The 3000 Network for including me in this interview! 
— It’s been a wild year for sure and crazy to think it’s about to be 2021. I’m very pleased at my strides throughout the year. Although I’m never satisfied, I am VERY happy with what I’ve achieved this year. It’s been a year of learning for sure.

Q. With COVID coming in and taking away all live events, did the releases of your own productions come naturally, or was that always the plan?
A. So, for 2020 I’ve only had 3 releases but that was part of my own plan. Given live events were removed this year, a plan for me was to keep progressing my production skills and release music periodically during the year. So, I kept on pace with what I wanted to do for 2020, only thing missing was live shows.


Q. As an American, releasing on UK Bass labels such as 3000 Bass, as well as CruCast, how has your experience been releasing to a predominantly UK-based audience?
A. It’s been great, honestly. The UK influenced sound has always been a favourite of mine and the reception I’ve received from those audiences have been amazing. I feel like with these releases, the UK is a perfect place for me to perform in once the world is back to normal. I’ve met many great listeners and artists through these releases and I’m forever grateful for that!!

Q. Talk to me about your latest single, ‘Look Back’, how long has this one been in the works and why did you want to release via 3000 Bass?

ANDRSN - Look Back
ANDRSN – Look Back

A. ‘Look back’ is my favourite track I’ve made to date. It represents me and anyone who is constantly on the grind. What I mean by that is, you work too hard and make particular decisions in your life/career, there’s no looking back. Whether it’s a great experience or even a learning experience, you’ve come too far to give up and there’s no reason to look at the past, rather move just keep moving forward. I know it may sound cheesy haha, but I always love a song with ‘meaning’ to it. I actually started ‘Look Back’ this time last year. I believe I had the track finished this January and started sending it out for promo. ‘Look Back’ was actually my first attempt at constructing a new sound for me which has that UK influence in it.
Which then points me to how I released this track on 3000 Bass. So, when quarantine started in March, AC Slater started up a discord and started playing demos on stream around May. He ended up playing ‘Look Back’ on plenty of his streams. I then reached out to him to see what a great label would be to release it on, which he actually recommended releasing on 3000 Bass. From there the rest is history and here we are today!


Q. We see brands such as Night Bass and Bite This! getting some huge numbers and worldwide support – what is the bass music scene like in America?
A. Yes, among those two labels, I feel the bass house scene is gaining huge momentum in the states. House is a BIG genre here, when you have top producers who are putting out bass house tracks and playing them at enormous festivals, it only increases its popularity here. In California, as much as the entire US, the scene is followed on trends. So, whatever is HOT at the moment ends up fading over time for a new genre or sub-genre.
With bass
house, I feel like it’s gained huge traction here and more big labels like DIM MAK and others
are open to releasing those sounds. Each state in the US has its popular genre, but I feel like Bass House will always stick around. The genre is constantly evolving with these up-and-coming producers and the genre
is even taking new influences.

Q. Looking forward into 2021, what are your short term and long-term goals for the year?
A. That’s a great question, mainly because we are in the unknown right now. Meaning we do not know when shows will be back. Especially here in California because restrictions here are so increased, it will be a while. But short-term goals are always to increase my skills and knowledge within music but also learning more of the background side in the industry.
Long term goals would be to continue to grow as an artist. I’d love to release on more diverse labels to spread my sound around the world and engage with new artists and fans. Also, whenever shows do come back, I want to take my live events to the next level and hopefully tour and visit many states/countries!

Q. Give us some names of people you’re rating at the moment and think are going to be big
in 2021.
A. So many of these artists had a great 2020 but I still see them having an even bigger 2021. I have to start with my friend, Drinks on Me. He is VERY talented and still very young. I feel he is just breaking ground on what he wants to do and I can already see a bright future for him.
Next, my guy, KDYN. KDYN, only being 14, is so far ahead of the game. I remember at 14, I was barely learning how to DJ and was trying to survive in my freshman year of high school haha. KDYN has a substantial amount of talent.
The next artist I see having a big 2021 is Capozzi. She’s already had some legit releases this year, but I feel we’re about to see an even bigger approach from her this upcoming year.

Q. ANDRSN, thank you for taking the time to speak to us here at The 3000 Nework, finally, have you got anything you’d like to plug or shoutout?
A. I just want to give a HUGE shout out to you the entire team at The 3000 Network for conducting this interview and to 3000 Bass  for releasing ‘Look Back’.
I just want to wish positivity to everyone in this new year and hope we all try and continue to be safe. 2021, I plan on MAKING a big jump in my music career. So just be on the lookout with the next releases and follow me on social media for updates and releases!


ANDRSN – Look Back Beatport Exclusive is available now, click here to download

Full release 18th December

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