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Cajama returns to CruCast for a tasty new freebie

Posted 10/9/19 in

CruCast are always keeping pace these days, constantly rotating between their Goliath roster, made up of both seriously established heavyweights such as Skepsis, Bru-C & Darkzy, along with rapidly rising stars such as MPH, Nubass and more. Today we are here to take a peek at the latest offering from Cajama, a name which has known nothing but growth over the last 18 months, primarily due his top draw work rate and serious ability to build bangers. The Doncaster based producer has gained a pretty reputable fan base, now boasting nearly 7.5K on his personal SoundCloud page, and seeing his original ‘Atmo’ become a part of the ‘Pure Bassline Anthems’ CD, mixed by UK legends DJQ & Jamie Duggan.

Amidst his rapid rise in popularity, he has been holding down a pretty lively presence on the live circuit, with massive shows in Birmingham & Newcastle this year as the highlights so far. However, in October he steps out onto the CruCast stage as they return to Newcastle for a monumental indoor festival event, showcasing the best of their roster from top to bottom.

HOWEVER, we are here today more specifically to take a look at the music more specifically, as Cajama returns home to CruCast with a brand new free release. Out of the majority of the popular bass labels currently working in the UK, it’s safe to say that CruCast hold one of the strongest balances in the way they go about their business, with a constant rotation between old and new producers on paid or free releases, it certainly keeps the atmosphere in the camp very fresh indeed.

This latest offering see’s Cajama rework the classic ‘Wish You Were Mine’ vocal from Philip George’s house anthem, which is always a risky move. However, through subtle layering and well devised composition tactics, we are gifted both the violent nature of the tracks inevitable bass breakdown mixed together with the nostalgic charm of Philip George’s high pitched vocal line, sitting the track exactly where we would like it. This is a tasty way to begin the countdown to 2020, inside which we are sure Cajama has a tonne of projects to offer!

We have attached official CruCast SoundCloud upload below: 

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Words: KXVU

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