In the many years we have seen the Southpoint team showcasing the sounds of the south coast and the rest of the UK, we have seen the label put together numerous album projects exploring different areas of sound. However, today we are going to be taking a look at a project which has seemingly been in the works for a very long time, as their longest standing flag-bearer: Bushbaby, finally unleashes the sounds of ‘In Two Worlds.’

There is no doubt in our eyes that on both a technical and consistency-based level, Bushbaby has been one of the brightest sparks to emerge out of the south since the rise of UK bass music around the country, with his accolades speaking for themselves over the past few years.

As far as album’s go, I think you are honestly going to struggle to find something within the UK bass bracket so covers as much ground as this, whilst leaving every single creation dripping in that unique Bushbaby finesse. Let’s start by looking at the singles that have already been floating around, with Annihilation being one of the most sought after bass dubs for a hot minute until it’s pre-release two weeks ago.

We also see ‘How Do You Feel’, ‘L.I.A.B’ and of course ‘Woman’s Touch’ holding it down for the more UKG-inspired side of Bushbaby’s production range, all three of which were smash hits across the underground when they first landed. ‘The Way You Do It’ & a special VIP mix of ‘All N1te’ also make their way onto the tracklisting to give us a very solid base to work from.

The new pieces are where i’m sure the real interest lies, with the stripped back, almost footwork inspired flavours of ‘No Exit’ giving us an immediate and slightly unexpected tempo switch, next to the bubbling sub rolls and eerie arpeggios of ‘Chekov’s Gun’ which packs a much more techno-inspired punch.

We hop into a time machine for our next outing as the 80’s-inspired synth lines and big room drum tumbles of ‘Shiny Purple’ unleash some tasty throwback energy, next to the marbled bass moogs and airy pad textures of ‘You Are Sleeping’. Possibly the highlight of the newest creations then arrives as the stuttering synth jitters and spacy pad textures of the title track ‘In Two Worlds’ give us an introspective look into Bushbaby’s more delicate influences.

Finally, the project finishes up with ‘I Wonder’ bracketed with ‘For Billy’, another epic soundscape lashed together with breaksy glue and powerful synth drives below, rounding off a pretty sensational arrangement. Although we are unlikely to see much new content from the Bushbaby alias in the near future, this is one hell of a temporary sign off from an alias that has delighted fans around the world for many years!

You can check out the full selection below:

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