As genres switch and sounds develop, we make a keen habit of keeping you all as up to date as we can with the latest directional changes surrounding both the world of UK bass music and it’s linking counterparts. Over the last couple of years, following on from the bassline boom of 2016, we are seeing numerous different artists continue to develop their sound and explore more, for want of a better word, “mature” landscapes, with a real focus on minimal and tech house influences seeming to rise to the surface as the most popular point of excavation.

We’ve seen numerous artists follow on this trend, both in the UK and abroad, but for us, the leading light in this transitional phase as the original of bass producers advance their sound into the wider realms of universal dance music, is of course Bushbaby. The Brighton-based soundsmith has for years now been innovating and rethinking the typical approaches to electronic dance music across the board, with numerous releases continuing to chart all the year round. Through his own release catalogue, his work behind the scenes on his own imprint Chord & Clank, and of course his continued storyline on his home imprint of Southpoint.

The Southpoint team have always been keen on pushing progressive and forward thinking sounds, with this new two track delight from Bushbaby being the latest in a long line or corkers. However, this release seems like a significant one as Bushbaby drops two alternating versions of ‘Addicted’, an undeniable tech house roller.

The A-side, which is of course the original mix, is a project designed to leave Big Top festival stages pulsating the whole night through as a combination of moogy bass textures and super smooth drum slaps combine for some ultimate dancefloor flavour. The ‘Burner’ mix on the other hand explores a slightly more experimental set of themes, with a closer look at the soundscaping backdrop behind. It’s a wonderful double drop, which we are sure will once again prove to be one of Southpoint‘s heavy hitters for the summer season.

You can check out the full release via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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