There are many different imprints representing the wide range of sounds that make up the UK bass scene as a whole these days, all of which offer their own unique pocket of insight into the sound, it’s history and the artists that truly make it tick. There have been so many different enthuiastic avenues that the overarching parent-genre of bass music has explored in recent times, but sometimes we have to go back to the very centre of the sound to see what is occuring. Now, when we are being honest, there is one label that has been leading the way for the centre of UK bass music and that is of course CruCast.

Through a combination of very well recieved releases, a roster of truly outstanding production and vocal talent and of course a fabulous run of live events and festival stage takeovers, the CruCast team have become masters in their field, seeing themselves sitting at the top of the tree and often being seen as a real milestone in a producers catalogue. Today, we are taking a look at the latest edition to that fabulous collection of releases that reside over, as they welcome the explosive sounds of Burt Cope inside for a very lively showing indeed.

Made up of four tracks, this EP shows the dirtier side of Burt’s production arsenal, with a recent run of garage and drum & bass themes in his own catalogue taking the lead in the last 18 months. We begin with the grizzly sounds of ‘Money’ as Burt channels a Redlight-style female vocal on top of glistening synth slides and groovy rhythms for a vibrant introduction, followed by a party-starting collaboration with Shantie entitled ‘Formation’, letting loose a dizzying array of potent LFO sweeps and sharpened 4×4 drum slaps. Next up, the legendary DJ Pantha joins the party for the niche-inspired ‘Sweet Dreams’, taking bassline back to it’s 4×4 roots, before we get to enjoy a final selection of chompy bass synths on the VIP mix of ‘The Massive’.

It’s a top drop from both Burt Cope & CruCast, who have started the year in style. You can check out the full release via the JunoDownload link below:

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