Arriving as the exciting new kid on the block a few years ago, Burt Cope captured the collective imaginations of bass music fans with his unique interpretation of the sound. Early offerings like ‘Sword Fight’ and ‘E Numberz’ were delectably off-kilter, and showcased the emerging talent’s ear for a spectrum of bold sonics, enjoying support from Lengoland to Off Me Nut as well as a host of other artists, labels and promotions along the way.


Burt Cope
Burt Cope

Cope’s latest entry comes after a notable segue into drum and bass, and marks a shift in style, from whimsical to warlike. With an obvious nod in the intro to the organ style, which has had a distinct influence on the genre as a whole, ‘Business’ quickly makes its statement at the drop, with a thudding kick and sub combo, discordant synth work and crisp, four-to-the-floor drums. At 137 beats per minute, the track situates itself somewhere between the now well-established ‘NUKB’ family of sounds and more conventional, uptempo bassline music—something that lends it considerable flexibility for any budding set maker.

On remix duties, MPH and Vital Techniques both offer their signature takes on Burt’s new banger. The former, an immediately recognisable figure in UKG, UKB and 4×4, presents a floaty spin on titular cut with dreamy sax, nebular stereo work and plush soundscapes patterned throughout. On the follow-up, scene mainstays and Leeds legends Vital Techniques serve up a cold UKG flip, flexing their technical prowess with bell arpeggios, bubbly one-shots and skippy vocal chops.

Burt Cope’s latest is a dingy banger which tastefully treads the line between NUKB and bassline sounds. Complemented by a pair of tasty remixes, we’re sure you’ll agree: this latest drop is the business.


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