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Burland gives a dose of world flavours on brand new Mawimbi Masterpiece

Posted 13/9/19 in

As a term, “World Music” has become quite a broad descriptive term. To us it seems as though the term is pretty much a blanket description for anything that fits outside of typical western genre brackets, so we tend to hear a lot of African and Asian original sounds fall into the category when we start to dig a little deeper.

Now, as time has moved on in the UK specifically, we have taken more and more influence from sounds across the world, with a particular current focus on African musical themes. The UK is awash with rhythmic evolution at this current moment, with afrobeats originals becoming the pop-norm, UK funky holding it’s strongest position for a fair a few years, and the general breadth of dance music holding down a bit more groove.

One producer we have found who is absolutely donning the African / UK funky fusion right about now is Brighton based: Burland. As a producer and DJ, there are few that are able to boast such an authentic and original audible catalogue, with a tonne of original percussive recording work laced throughout the majority of his original creations.

Today we see him touch down on Mawimbi, a record label that prides itself in showcasing the best of original world music, both through their incredibly versatile release catalogue, and through their super popular residency on Rinse France.

This EP from Burland is a perfect example of the label’s nescesity for quality, as he delivers four outstanding original compositions, kicking off with a vocal collaboration on the title track ‘Tell Me Why You Worry’, which features both colourful production techniques and a fantastic lead vocal from Zongo Abongo, with softened, smooth melodies laced throughout a glistening, groovy original.

Next on the menu comes ‘Agbekor’, another sumptuous percussive offering dripping in authentic, lively percussive themes, before we then chase it up with faster pacing of ‘Riffin’, stripping back the busyness of the composition for a more minimal rolling theme.

To finish up, the pace is slowed down drastically as we here an array of more fresh vocal layers come to life admits yet more fantastic original drum design on ‘Me So Love Ya’, putting the finishing touches on what for us is what of the spiciest bodies of work we have come across this calendar year! We can’t wait to see what else Burland has in store for the rest of the year and 2020 in particular!

We have attached the EP for your listening pleasure below:

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Words: KXVU

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