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Bru-C and Tsuki lay down a grimey-bass hybrid in ‘Dead You’.

Posted 18/2/19 in

As ever in the bassline world, Bru-C is on job, putting in the tireless work which has seen him rise to be one of the premiere MC’s in UK dance music. Through continuous tours, high profile release campaigns, exciting music videos and a tonne of live giveaways, Bru-C has social media in the palm of his hand, keeping his finger steadily on the pulse of the UK bass scene. Last year we saw his awesome Affiliation EP hit the shelves with a fantastic response, along with the release of ‘Hold It Down’, yet another high profile link up with Skepsis.

We are now very excited to see a high profile collaboration hit the shelves as he teams up with the insatiable sounds of Tsuki, a producer who has continued to rise the ranks and impress as he does so. Following an impressive run throughout 2018, which included high profile drops, focusing however more so on drum & bass. The Stratford based producer closed out 2018 very strongly indeed, with the release of his extremely popular ‘Wrong Number’ EP, which amassed huge amounts of support.

– Bru-C – 

– Tsuki –

The pair here collaborate on the now infamous CruCast imprint, a label which has continued to hit high targets with their impressive release catalogue and critically acclaimed roster, also serving as the pairs primary home for releases. The track itself works perfectly, with Tsuki bringing his lively production energies into play, converting his tight compositional style into a 137BPM blast. We hear Bru-C then step up and get busy with his classic host-like vocal stylings, shelling down both the grimey bridge sections and the hard hitting 4×4 drops, making this one one hell of a hybrid.

The music video was release officially via Bru-C’s YouTube channel, another outlet that the Nottingham based vocal mastermind continues to champion with impressive content.

We are very excited to see what this quality pairing has to offer for the future, both for their individual projects and hopefully some additional future collaborations.

You can check out the official video release below: 

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