Bristol veteran Unkey joins forces with Foto for epic new three tracker

There is something to be said for veterans of the underground msuic remaining relevant and in doing so, updating their style to stay not only involved, but ahead of the game. It’s long been known by the rest of the UK that Bristol‘s bustling underground scene is one of the most innovative and inspiring in the world, with so many different styles and genres coming together to form one impressive melting pot. Today, we are going to be taking a look at one of the cities production veterans and a producer who has moved around a lot of different sounds, bringing the success with him everywhere he seems to go.

We are of course talking about Unkey, one of the most consistent production talents the city has to offer, armed with a seriously impressive personal catalogue of releases across different platforms and styles. This time around, he is teaming up with the crew at Foto, another imprint that we believe are based in Bristol as well, recently picking up their activity againt to co-inside with the relaunch of the infamous Swu.FM. Their show has been picking up steam with numerous different sounds and styles being explored.

The EP takes the title ‘Cobra Club’ and is a pretty quick introduction to just how many different influences Unkey finds within his palette, with the full tracklisting featuring three very different dubstep-inspired originals. The title track ‘Cobra Club‘ is a super-gnarly dive into bass design and super smooth drum work, combining luscious sub-tones with a constantly shifting percussive field above. The rhythms change dramatically next as ‘Wind Dancer’ deploys a bag of Eastern instrumentation, vocal samples and melodic influences to deliver a system smashing delight. Finally, the VIP mix of ‘Listen’ gives us yet another twist in the tale, taking us back to a minimalist, pulse-driven landscape, putting the final touches on a top quality selection.

You can check out the full previews for the track below, which drops this Friday on all platforms:

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