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Brighton’s garage guru’s combine on heavyweight Southpoint compilation

Posted 25/2/19 in

There is no doubting that both garage and UK funky are both very much back in the thick of the UK dance music conversation, with both genres managing to reemerge onto the scene throughout the explosive twelve months of music that was 2018. Because of their similarly timed reappearance on a more public scale, we often see the two genres layered together, which sees us pick up some interesting crossovers.

Down in the dwellings of Brighton, we have seen something very special with both scenes, as funky continues to make a major impact across the event scene, with the local garage producers really starting to make their way in the wider world. A local legend in Brighton without a shadow of a doubt is Moony, who has remained a consistent force across grime, garage, bass and funky for the last 5/6 years, with a tonne of top level support.

As far as the newcomers go, Movement has seriously established himself as a garage front runner, attracting support from as high up the listings as Conducta.

We were thrilled therefore to see the pair link up on the behemoth that Southpoint, who combine the talents of the pair with their fourth official artist presents release, in which they work side by side with members of their roster and beyond to create an exciting tracklisting, showcasing a specific area of UK dance music. Moony and Movement have been brought in clearly to help push the labels garage and funky output, and they have brought some friends to the party!

With this release we see an introduction to the label for a host of names including Witchdoctor, ¬†Earthnut, Gru Var, Doctor Nick, Ali McK, IYZ and Lavz, who between them make up Southpoint’s largest ever external haul. As well as this, we of course see the welcome return to the label from regular top dons such as Hamdi, Pavv, Eclypse, KXVU and RVB, who all bring their individually crafted flavours to the table, forming a seriously formidable tracklisting.

We can clearly see the positive influence that RVB is having on the Southpoint movement, having joined the staff team in 2018 and It’s really cool to see that Southpoint are up to the challenge of keeping up with the times, with genre expansions now seeing them cover grime, bass,, dubstep, garage and funky, with brief meanders into tech and breaks also mapped out.

The Brighton based imprint continues to impress alongside this, with a dramatic revamp of their secondary ‘Introducing’ platform on the way, and a notably powerful upcoming run of releases, it’s looking to be a very exciting 2019.

You can check out the full release here: 

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