As always here at 3000 Bass, we want to make an extra special effort to kick start 2022 in style, as we commence with a rave-ready EP from the one and only Blanks, a regular on the 3000 Bass roster who has seriously impressed us throughout the many months we have been working together on releasing top quality bass music.



He has delivered four explosive originals for us to enjoy as part of his brand new ‘Like This’ EP, again solidifying his position as one of the most exciting names on the UK Bass circuit. The project begins with sultry vocals and electrifying bass displays of the title track ‘Like This’, which lights the fuse to explosive introduction, unleashing lethal synthesizer slides to turn up the pressure in any dance.

Next up, another bass-bin rattler emerges as ‘Myself’ lets loose another earth-shattering barrage of synthesizer drives and syncopated vocal slaps, followed closely anther low-ended sizzler in ‘Never Meant To Be’, once again utilising big room vocal samples and hard hitting 4×4 drum rhythms to inspire the ravers into a mosh-ready experience. Finally, one final womper as ‘Sorry’ rounds off the EP with a final volley of synthetic power, showing once again why we hold Blanks in such high esteem.

All four tracks are ready to destroy the dance floor, as Blanks launches his 2022 campaign with a truly explosive display!