Blakk Habit links up with Gid Sedgwick for a new school garage banger

When it comes to the newschool UKG movement, it’s safe to say that there is a tonne of focus being put onto making sure producers are respecting the original sound, weaving nostalgic ideals of composition and instrumentation into their mixes to generate that old school flavour. This is a great thing, it allows us to find that part inside us that remembers the original garage wave from a younger part of our life and it allows producers to connect more naturally with a lot of different people across the UK.

However, sound must move forward. We are very blessed to live inside an age where garage music on a production level has never been stronger. The infrastructure of so many different labels and producers who have been grinding to a different degree over the past few years leaves us in a fabulous position as fans. Today, we are going to be taking a look at the latest drop from the one and only Garage Shared, without a doubt one of the standout labels over the past few months, constantly pushing the sound forward and into a much more modern style-bank.

They have pulled together a collaboration we fell in love with before we even heard it as they bring together Blakk Habit, a veteran garage pioneer who has most certainly moved gracefully with the times, with Gid Sedgwick, one of the scenes most popular new school vocalists, full stop. The track itself takes the title ‘Solid Plan’ and is yet another perfect example of producers pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music and creating something that really does belong in 2021. We hear those little traces of nostalgia woven in there for good measure, you know, the classic organ stabs and choppy drums, but Gid’s leading vocal lines throw this one hurtling into our new decade with a fabulous landing when it gets there.

It’s always good to see Blakk Habit active and having interviewed him on Breakfast With KXVU towards the end of 2020, I believe this will be the first of many new releases that send sparks flying across the scene. We have attached a link to this single for you to enjoy below:

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