The art of the good remix is something we don’t find ourselves discussing enough here at The 3000 Network, despite how heavily the concept of remixing, editing and bootlegging has been tied into UK underground dance music culture. Across grime, garage, bass, D&B and everything in-between, remixes are almost like user-made DLC for releases, as we get to hear themes and musical concepts reworked into completely new images on a very regular basis.

However, there are often, in fact far too often cases of people not quite getting what makes a good remix design. There has been a slightly frustrating trend emerging over the past few years to essentially take the memorable parts of a pop hit of the time, slice them out of the original creation and throw that into a blender with a randomly assorted collection of raucous synth slams, which for us, comes across a tad lazy with all the amazing music currently available out there.

For today’s feature, we are going to be looking at the polar opposite of that as we look at an official garage remix done properly, focussing in on highlighting the best parts of an original creation and rather than shall we say sound-baiting it, showing it respect and reworking the backdrop into something accommodating yet truly refreshing and forward thinking.

We are of course talking about the one and only Blakk Habit, who in our eyes is easily one of the most consistent out there when it comes to quality garage creations. He continues his fantastic run with a spicy rework of ‘Circles’ from WTS, courtesy of their own ‘What’s That Sound’ imprint, alongside a number of remix additions from Tie & Charles Jay.

Blakk Habit’s remix is the clear standout however as gorgeous washes of smooth synthetic energy are delicately arranged amidst a tasteful tundra of old school vocal sampling techniques and well rounded drum sounds, giving the remix that golden ticket blend of nostalgic bliss and modernized control, making it a perfect addition to any UKG DJ’s selection pile.

You can check out the full remix via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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