Following on from the first weekend of what would seem to be near normality, the nation is fueled with a sense of excitement for the summer, which of course means the parties and raves that go hand in hand with it. We have absolutely no doubt in our minds that garage is going to be the sound of the summer, with so many different labels providing us with a non-stop string of incredible new releasers, jam-packed with sunshine-ready flavour and bubbling ideas, perfect for the BBQ playlist.

Now when we talk about consistency there are a lot of imprints we can mention, but in our eyes, non-moreso than the longstanding heavyweights at Four40 Records. Over the years their constant stream of bass, grime and garage releases has earned them a near legendary status and we simply can’t get enough. They have recently engaged in a run of shorter EP’s and single drops, which is keeping the nation’s attention with all eyes glued on the Birmingham-based soundmasters. Today we are taking a closer look at their latest offering as they welcome the incredible Blakk Habit inside for a saucy new single.

Over the years of listening to the incredibly vibrant productions of Blakk Habit, the thing that has always stood out about his production is his natural affinity with vocal manipulation and slicing, with nearly every track featuring some level of classic voice chopping, adding an immediate sense of the nostalgia and throwback flavour to his creations. This new single entitled ‘Like You’ is no different as we are greeted by a wonderful wash of delicately rearranged vocal slaps and a smooth, masterfully arranged 2-step composition below that gives this one everything it needs to become a classic for the summer season.

We can’t get enough of this one, and we are sure you won’t be able to either. You can check out the full preview for the track via our friends over at JunoDownload below: 

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