Whenever we get sent albums or full length LP’s to review here at The 3000 Network, the most important thing for us is always that the album works as a full length project, rather than a loose assembly of random tracks. Now, we know for a fact that the team over at Slime Recordings are always going to on the ball with their story-telling and attention to detail within full length releases, so when this brand new Blackboxx album landed in the inbox we were instantly intrigued by it’s presence. Being made up of a killer track listing of nine incredibly well produced originals, this is definitely something we were keen to sink our teeth into.

From a listeners perspective, this is a joyous skip through sound-scaped bliss and futuristic harmonic structure, kicking off with the simply stunning arrangements of ‘Translating Silence’, which fuses beautiful melodic twists with tidy vocal sampling for a truly spectacular introduction. From here, ‘Looks Like Shes Never Coming Back’ ups the pace with a quicker set of drums driving another emotive instrumental arrangement, before ‘The Odyssey’ delivers an almost R&B inspired creation with more of those well thought out vocal layers.

Blackboxx - Parisian Windows
Blackboxx – Parisian Windows

Next, the broken-beat style drum skips and sweeping strings of ‘Olympian Press’ give us a tasty punch of freshness, followed by both the spectacular addition of Lylli on ‘Lyova Dear’ and the excellent use of ascending melodies in ‘Staring At The Second Moon’. We then move into the final three tracks from this awesome collection as the Mediterranean guitar plucks and shuffling drums of ‘Bosnian Snow‘ first arrive, before ‘25.5.19’ takes us down a much more glitch-infused avenue with some interesting drum designs. We then hit our killer finale as ‘Suuji’ once again brings a fantastic showcasing of vocal manipulation to the forefront, doused in pools of harmonic finesse for a wicked closer.

This is an album that showcases production mastery among the more delicate edges of electronic music, so much so that we had to get involved ourselves. You can therefore check out our exclusive premiere of ‘Olympian Press’ via the SoundCloud link below:


You can also check out the full album here:

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